Monday, 20 May 2013

REVIEW: Children Shouldn't Play... With Dead Things! (1972) (May 2013)

The late Bob Clark's first film was this independent comedy/horror filmed in 1972. A group of method actors and their director friend raise the dead with a spell on an island in a graveyard. They find a corpse and call it Orville and the dead aren't happy! It isn't until towards the end the zombies come back for revenge and take the unwilling teenagers in this grindhouse tongue-in-cheek classic from Bob Clark.

Before Clark died, I heard he was going to remake his own film, but sadly never came to light. This is a far cry from what modern zombie films a like, but this was pre-Dawn of the Dead (1978), but a lot of fun if you like campy, fun 70's movies! There isn't a ton of gore, but plenty of eccentric performances and OTT acting and silly zombie make up effects.

The film was shot in 14 days on a budget of $70,000. Clark employed some of his college friends on it. Encyclopedia of Horror concludes that given the budget and the number of personnel involved, the special effects by Alan Ormsby are "surprisingly effective". The Region 2 dvd features a trailer and commentary by some the film's actors talking about the late Clark and the production.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wasteland! A Zombie film from Derby, England - by Light Films, Ltd. (May 2013)

Throughout 2012 and early 2013, Light Films, Ltd. took the time to make a Zombie film in Derby, UK. The director was Tom Wadlow who let the public be the zombie dead on Locations around the East Midlands where people got to meet the cast and crew and make new friends. I got to be a Zombie!

In May (this month) the film is due to go to the Cannes Film Festival and get noticed by distributors. It was fun getting caked in fake blood and making new friends on set and locations in Derby and Nottingham whilst being an extra for the film. Good luck to Tom and Light Films, Ltd. as I hope you get to make more Horror films in the future where you will need people again to get help make movie magic happen!

For more info, please contact: who hold the copyright to the videos and photos you see on the blog entry. Please, share the video for Light Films, Ltd. and check out the special Harlem Shake promo video below. Light Films are always looking for MUA, Actors and extras for their films and future productions.
Derby Newspaper Article on Wasteland (2013)
Harlem Shake Video Promo.

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