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Debra Lamb: 80's Scream Queen of Hearts! (Interview) (October 2013)

Debra Lamb in Beverly Hills Vamp (1989)
Debra Lamb is a special lady who lives in Northern California. She is an Actress, a Producer, Psychic, Animal lover and Vegan. Many of her fans will know her from 80's cult horror classics like The Invisible Maniac (1990), Beverly Hills Vamp (1989) and more recently The G-String Horror (2012). Debra was a horror and Electric Blue pin-up in the mid-to-late 80s and even did a work out video tape with Traci Lords. She has worked with many horror stars like Michael Berryman, the late Karen Black and many others over the past few decades. In more recent times, the lovely Debra has been producing with long time friend Joe Hollow on films like Disciples (2013), A Blood Story (2013), and their upcoming film Cannibals (2014). These films reunited her with past horror stars like Berryman, Brinke Stevens and even Linnea Quigley. I have known Miss Lamb on facebook for a few years now and thought I'd approach her for an interview in time for Halloween. 

Debra Lamb is also a classically trained ballet dancer who turned her sights to acting after moving to Los Angeles with her family. While pursuing her acting career, she dedicated herself to studying acting, continued dancing, and became a skilled fire-eater. Debra has a loyal, friendly fan base online and I can see why, check out her facebook page: Debra Lamb Extreme and Debra Lamb Psychic Healing!  And... doesn't she make a good vampire, horror fans?

1) Debra, what are your favourite movies... Horror or Not?
"Favorite movies: To Have and Have Not (1944), The Thin Man (1934), True Romance (1993), and my all time favorite horror movies would have to be the original Fright Night (1985) and The Wolf Man (1941), to name a few."

2) Do you prefer Producing or Acting, now?
Debra Lamb, 2013.
"I get a different kind of satisfaction from producing, and I love it, but acting will always be my first and true love. Honestly, I can't see doing just one or the other. They go hand in hand for me now."

3) Did you mind doing nude in the 80's?
"No--nudity never bothered me if I were playing a real character. I turned down many jobs where they just wanted someone with a nice body, but there wasn't any real acting involved."

4) What was your favourite magazine back then to model for?
"I loved working with Bill George, the editor of FEMMES FATALES magazine, and I was always thrilled to see myself in FANGORIA magazine."

5) Favourite Animal/Pet?
"I love all animals and have had cats, dogs, a boa constrictor, and when I was a little kid, I had several rats as pets. Currently I have two birds--a cockatiel and a parakeet."

6) Favourite food/dish?
"I love food--all of it! I try to stay on a vegan and gluten free diet, but I must confess I find it difficult when my non-vegetarian husband is such a great cook! I especially love gluten-free pasta."

7) Prince Harry or William or Will-I-am?
"Definitely Will-I-am."

8) Can you tell me a spooky experience you have had?
"I had the most interesting, and I must confess, a bit spooky, experience working on Charles Webb's The G-String Horror. I did an actual psychic reading on the building, which was incorporated into the film itself, and the Market Street Cinema is without a doubt haunted. I picked up on several tragic events. Fires, an accidental drug overdose of a visiting performer, the murder of one of the strippers who worked there, and a vortex located at the center of the stage of the original theater."

Thank you, Debra! Thank you for taking the time for the "MrSheltonTV" blog page. For more information, please check the links on this post. The G-String Horror is out now on DVD. Another project, Debra is backing and producing is Wrestling documentary, Wrestling With Disaster with Anthony R Bruno Jr. Please, check out the below a short film featuring Debra called, Event (2001).


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    1. Thanks, Chris... Debra is a lovely lady, you should get to know her. Check out her Facebook page, Debra Lamb Extreme for her newer movies with director Joe Hollow.

  2. Great interview. Glad to see her back in the Biz!

    1. Thanks, David, I really appreciate the feedback! Cheers! :)