Sunday, 27 October 2013

Carlos Dunn's "I Thought You Were a Nice Man" on Indiegogo! (October 2013)

"What's in the basement?" ask fans of Carlos Dunn's book "I Thought You Were A Nice Man". It has even been taken off of the shelves to be made into a movie. To fund this project, an Indiegogo page has been launched, HERE

I even get featured in the promo wearing my sunglasses. There's also a chance to get featured on a WANTED poster! Check out the Facebook Page. The main Website is HERE. The Vampires-2-Films facebook page can be found, HERE.


  1. WOW John Great Work Thanks so Much! Yes you will look MOst Excellent when Detective Mike Jordan gets a call from Tomassa and a Wanted Poster of you is on the wall behind him.

  2. Thank You so much for the kind words Carlos... keep going, Friend!! :D