Tuesday, 8 October 2013

REVIEW: Night of the Demons (1988) plus The After Party??? (October 2013)

It wouldn't be Halloween without a Horror film. Here's a classic one from 1988 called Night of the Demons and it was directed by Kevin S Tenney of Witchboard fame. Old Hull House is haunted and it plays host to a Halloween party for rowdy and sexed-up teenagers who just wanna have some fun. Soon, after a seance is held, Angela - the party hostess - is possessed by evil powers and soon starts to become a ghoulish demon, vent on making sure her party guests have a HELL of a time on Halloween night! It's up to the last survivors to escape the Nightmare and put an end to the Night of the Demons.

The film's main Scream Queen star is played by Linnea Quigley from Return of the Living Dead (now with blonde hair) and she gets up to no good, being possessed or NOT. She also has a topless scene involving her make up and lipstick which features make up effects by her former husband, Steve Johnson... watch out for this scene! Her partner in crime, Angela is played by Amelia Kinkade, who is now a pet psychic in real life. The special effects are fun and the set pieces of Hull House are amazing to look at in all it's Gothic, gory glory and the 80's Rock/Punk/Pop soundtrack keeps it all very nostalgic. Any Horror fan should get a kick out of this film. It is on Region 2 dvd with Special Features: Interviews, Promo Reel, Video Trailer, Theatrical Trailer & TV Spots. It's also at a nice price, too so I think everybody should definite pick this one up for the spooky season!

The film was followed by two sequels and in 2009, a remake of the same name was released starring Terminator 2's Edward Furlong. There has also been a talk of a sequel to that with a Kickstarter campaign run by Anthony Hickox and Tiffany Shepis but no update has come a long while for the project and seems in limbo... or even HELL, itself! What ever is happening with this project, I just wanted to share it all with you and see if others out there can HELP, too in future! Tenney is also set to Produce the Horror sequel.

Night of the Demons: After Party Promo

The Original Night of the Demons
MrSheltonTV Youtube Review:

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