Friday, 11 October 2013

REVIEW: Jason Brown's "A Date With Ghost" - Supernatural Indie Horror Review From Nottingham (October 2013)

Jason Brown has always had a fascination with the supernatural and in "A Date with Ghosts", he has put together a 70 minute mini feature shot in Nottingham with great merits. I was lucky enough to see this film as a test screen-er on the internet in 2013.

A Date with Ghosts is well put together and the title sequence credits really stood out for me in their high looking production values. Jason has reportedly spent over £1K on this very ambitious horror film. The acting is good (i.e. lead actress, Sadie Kime) and the jump scare techniques were very well done and edited. There seem to be some unedited screen shots, but I assume this was to be fixed as Jason takes the film to festivals.

What impressed me is that things look higher in values in this feature. I hope it does well for him and Jason even has an acting role. The locations all look good in the country side and derelict church buildings added with matte and cgi techniques for shots that are worth seeing alone. Also, the high over-head tree shots are good, too. It also has some creepy looking ritual monk figures that terrorize the cast, mainly female.

Rating: 3.5 out 5 = Turn out the lights and dwell in indie horror from a hard working, Nottingham filmmaker. Horror/Indie fans should love it. Be sure to join the Facebook Page. Subscribe to Jason Brown on Youtube. Also, be sure to check out this Evening Post Interview with Sadie and Jay - Good work, guys! Another Update, is that the feature has now been picked up by Wild Eye Releasing in New York - exciting stuff!

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