Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Interview with "Lisa Gaye" (The Troma Babe with the Beehive Hair-DO!!)

She has a beehive Marge Simpson-like hair do and is the nutty scientist-babe from Troma's Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2 - Yes, it's Holt aka Miss Lisa Gaye from New York. Lisa also starred in The Toxic Avenger Part Two , Three & Four and is currently in Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume One directed by Lloyd Kaufman. Lisa has been in a handful of Troma movies and is a fan favorite to her fans, especially those of Holt.

Gaye was born in Baltimore, Maryland - original home of Youtube's Coolduder aka Shawn C Phillips (another Troma fan), it must be a film make thing! Her interests are art and she is now a mother. She has her own website and teaches cooking online with her girl pal, Leesa Rowland - another Troma lady. I was lucky enough to catch up with Lisa online to ask her a few questions on Life & Troma - please, enjoy! Oh, and recently she had a birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lisa!!

1) Did you like being covered in Slime & Goo? (CONEH - Part II)

2) Favourite Troma movie to work on?

3) Favourite type of films?

4) Did you mind flashing your underwear when Tromie dropped you?(CONEH - Part II)?

5) Favorite recipes?

6) Do you still speak to Toxie?

7) What's life like, now... after Holt?

8) Final one, whose hair do you think think is taller... Yours or Marge Simpsons?


Lisa Gaye, 2013 - Art-Lover!

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