Saturday, 12 October 2013

More "Behind the Scene" Zombie Shots From "Wasteland" (2013) #Derby Based Indie Horror!! (October 2013)

Summer, 2012 is when myself and Ian "Jaymz" Matthews first heard about a zombie film being shot in Derby, UK. It's called Wasteland (2013) so we decided to go along and see what the fuss was all about... we ended up getting very bloody in fake blood and real dirt! The filming continued into 2013 where I went back to do some more shooting and  what fun it was. The photos are all copyrighted Chrissa Maund - married to director Tom Wadlow. Actor/Horror Blogger, Dean Sills and friend, Guntis Brazma also turns up as Zombies.

Green screen zombies!

Smoke Break!

Ian in the Make-up chair!

"Best Zombies of the day!" - LOL

Wasteland (2013) Trailer!

A Banner I made for the IndieGoGo Campaign back in March, 2013.

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