Friday, 11 October 2013

Shawn "Allen" Goremonger & Goremonger Media/Screaming Pumpkin Productions! (October 2013)

President at Goremonger Media Inc. 
Shawn "Allen" Goremonger is the Head Cheese at Goremonger Media/Screaming Pumpkin Productions! He has been a good friend to me on Facebook and it's about time I gave him a SHOUT OUT. He is a dedicated metal head and loves his horror and film making. Shawn is currently helping me with a project for Halloween and thanks to the power of the internet, it's all becoming a reality - We met through through Youtube/Facebook and had seen him in Wetmovie's videos at Horror Cons during 2011. We have been friends, since. I thank Shawn from the bottom of my blogging heart for everything he has done and his dedication to filming. Rock on, Bro! And as you can tell, he's a Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan!

Please check out his facebook links for his companies: Goremonger Media & Screaming Pumpkin Productions - MUST BE 18+ due to gore content and extreme metal images.
Goremonger Media, Inc.

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