Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Invasion of the Not Quite Dead! (December 2013)

Check out the Blu-Rays... Ant & daughter, Daisy!
Anthony D Lane has been a busy man as of late, marriage, a new daughter, touring with indie/rock band, Wheatus, etc;. His new take on the zombie genre is being shot in various different locations like Kent and even in Europe. It's called INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD and I even became a Producer on it to show my support. What does Ant need donations for? Well, I'll tell you, he has been busy building sets and paying actors and make-up people get his dream done. It started out on Twitter and has blown up over the internet with horror and indie folks everywhere around the world. He promises it to be a spin on his favorite film genres, Zombies and B-Movies.

Anthony is also doing this for his late Legendary film mentor, Ken Russell, who he met in 2006 at film school and is honoring the film maker in doing the project. Others on the project are special effects make up lady, Michele Mulkey, who has worked on several Hollywood films in the past and Ant's long time friend Steve Davis - who is filming Christmas Slay with glamour model Dani Thompson. Even if you can't afford a donation, please share this blog page or the fundraising site as mentioned below and SUPPORT Indie Horror and film.

To support and find him, check him out on his Twitter page for INDYWOOD FILMS.
To contribute click, HERE.

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