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Mel Heflin: the Unknown Indie Horror Actress! (Interview) (December 2013)

Actress/Model Mel Heflin.
Mel Heflin is a sweet lady who resigns in Florida, USA. She is a actress who does her own stunts and models between films and voice acting and is a keen animal lover.

She has been in the modelling since 2003, and for the next 6 years she has done all sorts of modelling, from swimwear, to fetish, to lingerie and nude. In 2009, she caught the acting bug with her debut in Scarlet Rain as Cece and acted in a fantasy horror called, Jinn. Since then she has worked on a dozen projects, from shorts and web series to features. One of her most recent roles will be a part in Carlos Dunn's: I Thought You Were A Nice Man once the funding is rasied - see HERE.

Mel has an impressive imdb acting list, but due to lack of funds, again - some features were never finished so her future plans are to make one herself. She enjoys the horror genre and shows like The Walking Dead, in which she would love to be a part of, even as a Zombie for the popular show one day and meet the cast.

Heflin has also worked with artists Dennis Willman, Bobby Ray Akers Jr and on the fantasy Comic Book: Frosty: Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse in which characters were modeled after her and good friend and body-painter, Samantha WPG among other internet model.

Check out Mel's Facebook Page and Twitter Page whilst her website can be found, HERE.
Indie Horror, Scarlet Rain can be watched online, HERE.

Can you tell me a bit about the internet horror film, Scarlet Rain?
It was my first film ever! My acting was rough around the edges back then haha! I was sad to have a few scenes cut when I first saw it, but you learn to accept stuff like that. Its due to get a re-release soon I've heard.?

Do you plan to make films yourself, seeing that you are on the Independent film scene
I do actually! I'm keeping it mainly under-wraps since we all know how films like to drop off the face of the earth. I have the script being written by an incredible script writer! Keep your finger's crossed for me from directing in the past. I love it!

In that case, who are the filmmakers you look up to?
Tim Burton and George A Romero will always be my favorite film makers!

How come some of your films never got made or Produced?
I have no idea. I come in, do my job, then move on to the next project. Its really sad because there is some really long hours and hard work and blood and sweat and tears put into some of those films. Everyone was so passionate about them in the beginning then they disappear. That's the key to why I want to attempt my own film.

I've lost too many incredible movies that I so badly wanted to share with the world. I won't let a project fail on my own account. It breaks my heart when people buying autographs from me at cons ask "how is (film name) going?" and I have no idea because the producers disappear and none of the cast or crew know where our hard work went. Its looking up though! I know some of my work is due out in 2014.

How did you get involved with the "Frosty" comic book?
Samantha Wpg (a good friend of mine) introduced me to Dennis Willman and Bobby Akers, all fantastic people! They create truly unique projects that I'm honored to be a part of.

What are your favorite horror movies/non-horror movies?
Favorite movies are Zombie Strippers, Diary of the Dead and most well made indie films.

Mel's film debut - Scarlet Rain (2010) 
Merry Christmas - Mel is a featured model in Frosty! Got my Copy!

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