Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Slay - Festive Indie Horror from Kent, UK! (Interview) (December 2013)

Ho Ho Ho, merry Christmas horror and fright fans... have you heard of Christmas Slay??? I mentioned it in my last post, it stars glamour model Dani Thompson and is directed by Kent Independent Films' Steve Davis. It is scheduled to start filming in February, 2014 and has had various online funding campaigns behind it such as Kickstarter. A killer Santa clause is on the loose and the body count is going up, I hope Steve can deliver on this horror project, spawned from the Indywood team. We all ready know what Antony D Lane is doing with his unique Zombie film, so can Steve do the same and help put Kent on the map with his own festive horror film?

When do you start filming Xmas Slay, Steve?
"We start production of the main Christmas Slay shoot on February 8th (2014), on our return we will be releasing a teaser and doing one last big fundraiser via indiegogo or Sponsume to cover additional shooting and post before completing filming in April."

When do you aim to release the film? (Difficult Question, it may seem in Indie-film terms)
"In terms or release i honestly haven't got a clue at this early stage, our aim is to have Christmas Slay completely finished by November with its première in December, it will then be my priority to make sure all of our AMAZING backers and supporters get to see the film before anyone else, so if all goes to plan a few of our backers should be watching Christmas Slay on DVD by Christmas."

Who are you looking forward to meeting/working with on the film?
"Each and everyone of them, i am extremely lucky to have such an amazing and talented crew involved in our film, it is going to be an absolute honor to work with each and everyone of them."
Model/Actress Dani Thompson stars in Christmas Slay.

Will there be a sequel?
"That completely depends on the success of the first film, im hoping horror fans like it and that there is a demand to see a sequel as it is something i would love to do, the original idea was to make 3 Christmas Slay movies, so if people want it, it will happen."

Are you a festive man, yourself?
"Yeah Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year, I just love the lights and over the top decorations, its a romantic happy time."

What are your favorite Christmas Horror Movies?
"My all time favorite Christmas horror has to be Rare Exports, which is quite surprising as there is NOT one female in the whole film, its madness, but i love films such as Saint and the original Black Christmas, i also enjoyed last years Silent Night."

How can people help raise the funds for Xmas Slay?
"People can help in so many ways, they can donate through our site, they can tell there family and friends, they can share through social media and retweet up on Twitter, any donation and anything that helps us spread the word about Christmas Slay really helps alot."

Thank You, Steve!!
Please check out the Latest Christmas Slay Indiegogo in order to support the film and project - I promise it'll be all worth it and Steve is always good on his promise!
Xmas Slay director, Steve Davis of Kent, UK.
For more information, check out the Website, Steve on Twitter and the Facebook Page.

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