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The Redshaw brothers conjure up The Thin Man! (Interview) (January 2014)

Bayden (Left) - Dylan (Right)
It's been a busy year so far for Australian brothers, Bayden and Dylan Redshaw. They are fellow Youtubers who love to make movies and enjoy the horror genre. Originally, they directed their own horror shorts and are now making a number of feature lengths due to be sold at conventions in the states via their pal, Shawn Goremonger. Check out The Thin Man's Facebook Page - a feature to be released soon.

I sat down with Bayden to ask him a few questions on his features and film work that have kept him and his brother busy as of late.

Can you tell me about the Thin Man feature you are filming?
"Well, it's a documentary style film, handy cam/found footage movie about a guy named Dylan, who is played by Dylan Redshaw who is also Co Directing the movie with me, his brother goes missing and his friend. due to an evil curse that was placed upon the town of Albany in the 1800s, Dylan's friend Jack was curious to explore this curse and being a curious teen he summoned the Thin Man (The dark entity that placed the curse on the town). The curse itself was that whoever calls upon/summons the Thin Man, they would be taken away down to a dark cave where they would be stared to death, and being the year 2013 a lot of curious teens play silly games like bloody Mary, the candy man, and the Ouija board."

"To these teens, the thin man summoning Curse/Ritual was just another game but then Jack and Bayden went missing, and Dylan went to police to get help, but as soon as he mentioned the thin man, the police wouldn't help him. Everyone acted suspicious, so Dylan then inducts his own personal investigation. However, no matter what he does, there is that final realization that Dylan knows the only way he is going to have to get his brother is if he enters into the thin mans cave. That's when things get really bad. All and all it's a supernatural fun roller-coaster ride. It takes you on Dylan's journey and shows you all the information he finds and all the terrifying things he encounters."

What other films have you got planned this year?
"Well, I have another movie called The Victim which will be released the same day as The Thin Man and the date for that will be April 4th 2014. It's a half documentary/theatrical movie about 5 young men that were terrorized by masked men. They thought it was a random act of chaos but they were all chosen for a reason and they are all connected."

"I have a movie being made right now we are have the final draft of the script being made, the movie has two titles due to it being controversial, one of the titles is very graphic, I actually can't mention it here because of younger people but we have an understudy title for the movie and that title is Dark Decent. we don't plan to use the dark decent title but I will call it that here for now, the plan with this movie was to make something different and controversial and unpredictable, it's totally opposite from Hollywood, it's B grade classic horror at it's finest, absolutely brutal material it tackles some serious issues in the world, such as rape/molestation/murder/ at home abuse and all the bad things this world has got, it has a tiny bit of a message, it shows the effects bullying can have on some people, but the movie also is a dark comedy horror, but we don't want it to have too many funny stuff, we want it to be hard hitting and we want people to see something so intense and new that The Human Centipede and Saw and Hostel will look like Thomas The Tank Engine, this is the new product and potential franchise that the people of this world may possibly want."

"This is a big statement for myself to make. but it's not going to necessarily be worse in the gore area, maybe it will I am not sure, we want it to feel realistic, but this movie is very insane, it's got a lot of scenes displaying psychotic behaviour and what not and what goes on behind the curtain of a psychos mind. it's truly nail biting stuff."

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Indie film Producer Lawrence Fleming! (Interview) (January 2014)

Indie film Producer/Cosplay fan Lawrence Fleming of 3 Dog Films.
Having an interest in Indie movies and coming across the website Indiegogo, one name sticks out to me. It is a generous film maker who donates $500 at a time to fund movie projects across the internet and his name is Larry Fleming. He also owns 3 Dog Films and in his spare time, works and is a cosplay enthusiast and resembles Tony Stark of Ironman-fame.

How many films do you think you've funded/Produced, now (Roughly, Larry)?

"Well, the quick answer is about 150. Since my IMDB count is around 50, many don't make it that far or are small enough not to be listed. This doesn't count the ones that were part of my stock portfolio, before I started crowd funding. I guess you can tell I like producing."

What do you do in your spare time?
"I have a day job as a consultant. I deal with technology and I program. This pays the way for my producing which at the moment is like having a girl friend. I pick up all the bills. I also love the outdoors, I was a Boy Scout Master for years. I'm waiting for warmer weather to get outside, record cold here in Georgia. Since I'm a geek, I do play computer games, but I'm not one that can sit for hours playing, like my one son. I like to play for 30 minute sessions."

"I often work on my computer with a game running in the back ground, I have a browser set up with 15 or 20 tabs open. I love to multi task."

"I sometimes work conventions, where I get to escort the "Stars" from venue to venue, but as much fun as that can be, it's still work."

What's been your favorite film to work on (completed)?
"There is a short film, "Masked" (2013) that I really liked. It was written and directed by a friend of mine Alex Williams. It has an interesting ending. I like films that surprise you. The other feature film that is just finishing up is Skookum, directer Jack Skyyler. This is a cool Big Foot movie, filmed in the swamps of Louisiana. I was on set and have a small speaking part. I was a producer on Video Game High School, a huge Web series on Youtube. It's for the younger crowd, but was fun to watch, even for me. I again had a small speaking part. I like to get my Hitchcock moments."

Can you tell me about your company, 3 Dog Films?
"The main reason for 3 Dog films is that when I went to find conventional funding, they would ask me what company I represented. It's a simple LLC corporation and I have run them before, so it's a necessary evil. There are a long list of legal and financial reasons to incorporate. My attorney, likes all contracts to go through 3 dog films. I have a couple people helping run the day to day stuff, answering emails and such, but I do the main approvals and selections. By the way, the name comes from my dog. He has a big number 3 on his chest."

You are a massive Cosplay/Iron Man enthusiast I noticed?
"I started doing Cosplay about 20 years ago. I have 4 or 5 Star Trek costumes, some of which I don't fit into anymore. My wife joins me and when we went as Tony Stark and Pepper, we got the most attention ever. We actually got tired of smiling for the cameras. I seem to have picked my best look and as long as Marvel and Robert Downey Jr are in the news, I have a permanent look. I don't wear the full Iron Man suit, there are too many. I wore the Mech Test last DragonCon and it was the only one there."

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Massimiliano Cerchi's "House of Evil - 3D" on Indiegogo! (Interview w/Sean Evans) (January 2014)

Welcome to The House of Evil - a new indie horror from 20 year horror veteran, Massimiliano Cerchi - director and producer. It is set to be in 3D and $10,000 is needed to fund the project. Also on board are actor Greg Crews, a zombie from The Walking Dead (Season 4);  Dawna Lee Heising - known from Blade Runner. I got to ask the online campaigner, Sean Evans a few questions about the new film and other topics. Sean has his own website, Back to the Movies, whilst I have a SPECIAL THANKS credit in THOE, too.

House of Evil 3D on Indiegogo!
What is THOE about?
"The movie is about a couple who will buy a beautiful house only to find out that the house is a portal to Hell. Set to be shot in 3D."

How can people/investors benefit from becoming a Producer?
"You can claim some great perks including merchandise, T Shirts, DVD's a limited edition collectible figure, your name in the credits of the movie but for real investors any donation of $1000 or above will own a % stake in the movie meaning its an official investment in which the investor could make money from the gross profits of our movie."

What are your Favorite Horror Movies, Sean?
"There is a huge range of horror films i like, I was pleasantly surprised with Insidious 2 it was a real improvement on the original and speaking to James Wan after a publicity event was an amazing experience. Other films I love the complexity of the Saw franchise, love the night on elm street franchise, Friday 13th and even Cabin in the Woods was a refreshing change of pace for the genre. There's so many to mention!"

Thank You, Sean! Another UPDATE for MAY, 2014: The House of Evil has now been backed by a Producer and is set to shoot in July, Great News!!!
In association with Back To The Movies!

Sean Evans - Online Campaigner.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tempast Wulf - Welcome to the Darkside! (Interview) (January 2014)

Tempast Wulf is no stranger to the darkside, she is an actress and producer and has appeared in The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming I Thought You Were A Nice Man. Tempast also does modelling, has vocal and martial arts training. She has traveled in the past where she spent three years in German.

Tempast Wulf, can you tell myself (and readers) a bit about yourself?
I was born in Palo Alto California and spent most of my life in Carson City Nevada. I have been a model for over 20 years before digital cameras and photoshop were invented. Back then is was a cutthroat industry were the first one to show up on set with perfect skin, hair, smile and body got the job. Now a days it doesn't matter what the model looks like they can fix anything in photoshop.

Do you enjoy the modelling, too as much as acting?
I have found that I enjoy my acting career more then modeling. Being able to dive into another life and bring that person to life on set it an amazing fun ride. It offers me constant challenges and keeps me learning all the time. I love it.

Can you tell me about your Martial Art Training?
Growing up I was in gymnastics, swim team, softball, rode dirtbikes and horses. Always staying active so martial arts is also something I love and would like to become more familiar with all the different arts out there. Its not just the ass kicking you see on TV martial arts is a life style with deep cultural history and that is the part that fascinates me I love ancient history.

Can you also tell me a bit about your role in "NICE MAN" by Carlos Dunn?
I can not talk much about "I thought you were a Nice Man" But I can say I am so excited and honored to be a part of this team and look forward to every minute of this wild ride.

How was it working on TVD?
I got the opportunity to work on TVD of a few days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went in as a extra because I wanted to see how TV shows do things as opposed to movies. It is really different but still fun. Another way to figure out about directors and people you might want to work with in the future is to have a small part on their projects to see how they work and what the environment is like on set. Remember each project is its own little world and I liked that one.

If you had a chance to play in Walking Dead, would you as you're from Georgia, Atlanta?
If I had the chance to play on walking dead I would. There are not many projects I would be opposed to playing in because each one has their own world, obstacles and learning experiences.

Final Question, Vampires or Zombies?
If I had to choose between Vampires and Zombies I would choose Shapeshifters.. Not the kind you see in today's TV shows the kind from legend, a person who could change in to any living creature at will. These are the myths that gave birth to your werewolf, vampire and zombie lore we have today.

Check out the NEW IndieGoGo Page!!!

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