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Massimiliano Cerchi's "House of Evil - 3D" on Indiegogo! (Interview w/Sean Evans) (January 2014)

Welcome to The House of Evil - a new indie horror from 20 year horror veteran, Massimiliano Cerchi - director and producer. It is set to be in 3D and $10,000 is needed to fund the project. Also on board are actor Greg Crews, a zombie from The Walking Dead (Season 4);  Dawna Lee Heising - known from Blade Runner. I got to ask the online campaigner, Sean Evans a few questions about the new film and other topics. Sean has his own website, Back to the Movies, whilst I have a SPECIAL THANKS credit in THOE, too.

House of Evil 3D on Indiegogo!
What is THOE about?
"The movie is about a couple who will buy a beautiful house only to find out that the house is a portal to Hell. Set to be shot in 3D."

How can people/investors benefit from becoming a Producer?
"You can claim some great perks including merchandise, T Shirts, DVD's a limited edition collectible figure, your name in the credits of the movie but for real investors any donation of $1000 or above will own a % stake in the movie meaning its an official investment in which the investor could make money from the gross profits of our movie."

What are your Favorite Horror Movies, Sean?
"There is a huge range of horror films i like, I was pleasantly surprised with Insidious 2 it was a real improvement on the original and speaking to James Wan after a publicity event was an amazing experience. Other films I love the complexity of the Saw franchise, love the night on elm street franchise, Friday 13th and even Cabin in the Woods was a refreshing change of pace for the genre. There's so many to mention!"

Thank You, Sean! Another UPDATE for MAY, 2014: The House of Evil has now been backed by a Producer and is set to shoot in July, Great News!!!
In association with Back To The Movies!

Sean Evans - Online Campaigner.

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