Saturday, 25 January 2014

Indie film Producer Lawrence Fleming! (Interview) (January 2014)

Indie film Producer/Cosplay fan Lawrence Fleming of 3 Dog Films.
Having an interest in Indie movies and coming across the website Indiegogo, one name sticks out to me. It is a generous film maker who donates $500 at a time to fund movie projects across the internet and his name is Larry Fleming. He also owns 3 Dog Films and in his spare time, works and is a cosplay enthusiast and resembles Tony Stark of Ironman-fame.

How many films do you think you've funded/Produced, now (Roughly, Larry)?

"Well, the quick answer is about 150. Since my IMDB count is around 50, many don't make it that far or are small enough not to be listed. This doesn't count the ones that were part of my stock portfolio, before I started crowd funding. I guess you can tell I like producing."

What do you do in your spare time?
"I have a day job as a consultant. I deal with technology and I program. This pays the way for my producing which at the moment is like having a girl friend. I pick up all the bills. I also love the outdoors, I was a Boy Scout Master for years. I'm waiting for warmer weather to get outside, record cold here in Georgia. Since I'm a geek, I do play computer games, but I'm not one that can sit for hours playing, like my one son. I like to play for 30 minute sessions."

"I often work on my computer with a game running in the back ground, I have a browser set up with 15 or 20 tabs open. I love to multi task."

"I sometimes work conventions, where I get to escort the "Stars" from venue to venue, but as much fun as that can be, it's still work."

What's been your favorite film to work on (completed)?
"There is a short film, "Masked" (2013) that I really liked. It was written and directed by a friend of mine Alex Williams. It has an interesting ending. I like films that surprise you. The other feature film that is just finishing up is Skookum, directer Jack Skyyler. This is a cool Big Foot movie, filmed in the swamps of Louisiana. I was on set and have a small speaking part. I was a producer on Video Game High School, a huge Web series on Youtube. It's for the younger crowd, but was fun to watch, even for me. I again had a small speaking part. I like to get my Hitchcock moments."

Can you tell me about your company, 3 Dog Films?
"The main reason for 3 Dog films is that when I went to find conventional funding, they would ask me what company I represented. It's a simple LLC corporation and I have run them before, so it's a necessary evil. There are a long list of legal and financial reasons to incorporate. My attorney, likes all contracts to go through 3 dog films. I have a couple people helping run the day to day stuff, answering emails and such, but I do the main approvals and selections. By the way, the name comes from my dog. He has a big number 3 on his chest."

You are a massive Cosplay/Iron Man enthusiast I noticed?
"I started doing Cosplay about 20 years ago. I have 4 or 5 Star Trek costumes, some of which I don't fit into anymore. My wife joins me and when we went as Tony Stark and Pepper, we got the most attention ever. We actually got tired of smiling for the cameras. I seem to have picked my best look and as long as Marvel and Robert Downey Jr are in the news, I have a permanent look. I don't wear the full Iron Man suit, there are too many. I wore the Mech Test last DragonCon and it was the only one there."

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