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Tempast Wulf - Welcome to the Darkside! (Interview) (January 2014)

Tempast Wulf is no stranger to the darkside, she is an actress and producer and has appeared in The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming I Thought You Were A Nice Man. Tempast also does modelling, has vocal and martial arts training. She has traveled in the past where she spent three years in German.

Tempast Wulf, can you tell myself (and readers) a bit about yourself?
I was born in Palo Alto California and spent most of my life in Carson City Nevada. I have been a model for over 20 years before digital cameras and photoshop were invented. Back then is was a cutthroat industry were the first one to show up on set with perfect skin, hair, smile and body got the job. Now a days it doesn't matter what the model looks like they can fix anything in photoshop.

Do you enjoy the modelling, too as much as acting?
I have found that I enjoy my acting career more then modeling. Being able to dive into another life and bring that person to life on set it an amazing fun ride. It offers me constant challenges and keeps me learning all the time. I love it.

Can you tell me about your Martial Art Training?
Growing up I was in gymnastics, swim team, softball, rode dirtbikes and horses. Always staying active so martial arts is also something I love and would like to become more familiar with all the different arts out there. Its not just the ass kicking you see on TV martial arts is a life style with deep cultural history and that is the part that fascinates me I love ancient history.

Can you also tell me a bit about your role in "NICE MAN" by Carlos Dunn?
I can not talk much about "I thought you were a Nice Man" But I can say I am so excited and honored to be a part of this team and look forward to every minute of this wild ride.

How was it working on TVD?
I got the opportunity to work on TVD of a few days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went in as a extra because I wanted to see how TV shows do things as opposed to movies. It is really different but still fun. Another way to figure out about directors and people you might want to work with in the future is to have a small part on their projects to see how they work and what the environment is like on set. Remember each project is its own little world and I liked that one.

If you had a chance to play in Walking Dead, would you as you're from Georgia, Atlanta?
If I had the chance to play on walking dead I would. There are not many projects I would be opposed to playing in because each one has their own world, obstacles and learning experiences.

Final Question, Vampires or Zombies?
If I had to choose between Vampires and Zombies I would choose Shapeshifters.. Not the kind you see in today's TV shows the kind from legend, a person who could change in to any living creature at will. These are the myths that gave birth to your werewolf, vampire and zombie lore we have today.

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