Monday, 27 January 2014

The Redshaw brothers conjure up The Thin Man! (Interview) (January 2014)

Bayden (Left) - Dylan (Right)
It's been a busy year so far for Australian brothers, Bayden and Dylan Redshaw. They are fellow Youtubers who love to make movies and enjoy the horror genre. Originally, they directed their own horror shorts and are now making a number of feature lengths due to be sold at conventions in the states via their pal, Shawn Goremonger. Check out The Thin Man's Facebook Page - a feature to be released soon.

I sat down with Bayden to ask him a few questions on his features and film work that have kept him and his brother busy as of late.

Can you tell me about the Thin Man feature you are filming?
"Well, it's a documentary style film, handy cam/found footage movie about a guy named Dylan, who is played by Dylan Redshaw who is also Co Directing the movie with me, his brother goes missing and his friend. due to an evil curse that was placed upon the town of Albany in the 1800s, Dylan's friend Jack was curious to explore this curse and being a curious teen he summoned the Thin Man (The dark entity that placed the curse on the town). The curse itself was that whoever calls upon/summons the Thin Man, they would be taken away down to a dark cave where they would be stared to death, and being the year 2013 a lot of curious teens play silly games like bloody Mary, the candy man, and the Ouija board."

"To these teens, the thin man summoning Curse/Ritual was just another game but then Jack and Bayden went missing, and Dylan went to police to get help, but as soon as he mentioned the thin man, the police wouldn't help him. Everyone acted suspicious, so Dylan then inducts his own personal investigation. However, no matter what he does, there is that final realization that Dylan knows the only way he is going to have to get his brother is if he enters into the thin mans cave. That's when things get really bad. All and all it's a supernatural fun roller-coaster ride. It takes you on Dylan's journey and shows you all the information he finds and all the terrifying things he encounters."

What other films have you got planned this year?
"Well, I have another movie called The Victim which will be released the same day as The Thin Man and the date for that will be April 4th 2014. It's a half documentary/theatrical movie about 5 young men that were terrorized by masked men. They thought it was a random act of chaos but they were all chosen for a reason and they are all connected."

"I have a movie being made right now we are have the final draft of the script being made, the movie has two titles due to it being controversial, one of the titles is very graphic, I actually can't mention it here because of younger people but we have an understudy title for the movie and that title is Dark Decent. we don't plan to use the dark decent title but I will call it that here for now, the plan with this movie was to make something different and controversial and unpredictable, it's totally opposite from Hollywood, it's B grade classic horror at it's finest, absolutely brutal material it tackles some serious issues in the world, such as rape/molestation/murder/ at home abuse and all the bad things this world has got, it has a tiny bit of a message, it shows the effects bullying can have on some people, but the movie also is a dark comedy horror, but we don't want it to have too many funny stuff, we want it to be hard hitting and we want people to see something so intense and new that The Human Centipede and Saw and Hostel will look like Thomas The Tank Engine, this is the new product and potential franchise that the people of this world may possibly want."

"This is a big statement for myself to make. but it's not going to necessarily be worse in the gore area, maybe it will I am not sure, we want it to feel realistic, but this movie is very insane, it's got a lot of scenes displaying psychotic behaviour and what not and what goes on behind the curtain of a psychos mind. it's truly nail biting stuff."


  1. Thanks. I enjoyed sitting down and talking about this stuff with you! I'd be interested in coming back for more in the FUTURE!!!!