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Dani Thompson Interview...UK Horror on the Sexy Side! (May 2014)

Actress/Model - Dani Thompson!
Wow, here's a treat, presenting... miss Dani Thompson from London! Now, Dani is a lovely lady. She is known as a glamour model in the industry, but her career has taken another direction... in Horror! Originally, miss Thompson was born in Penrith, Australia and after modelling started her career in acting school, singing and dancing! She is a keen animal and horror lover, herself! She has four dogs and is a columnist writer for Haunted Magazine.

Her close friend is horror writer, editor, producer and promoter, Cyberschizoid as well as actress Jessica Ann Bonner. To name a few films DT has starred in, see films like Christmas Slay, Bad Moon Rising, The Undead and Serial Kaller (featuring music from my friends Doomsday Outlaw). These are soon to be released here in the UK and USA, so an international audience can see this British Scream Princess. She is also an animal rights activist. In her glamour days, she attended the premiere of Bronson (2008).

1) Who are your fav Horror Ladies in the industry, Dani?

"I really discovered horror in the late 90's so am a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Fairuza Balk and Rose McGowan as I love the films they made and characters they played back then.
Lloyd Kaufman, Dani (Centre) and Liam Regan - TEAM: BANJO!

Right now I'm loving the work of The Soska Sisters. American Mary was amazing! Katherine Isabelle and Tristan Risk were so good.

But if your talking about horror ladies that I know or have worked with then Suzi Lorraine is wicked, I've worked with her a few times, Kookie Katana and Pandora who I worked with on Zombie a women Of Satan 2 were great and obviously Jess who you've already mentioned."

2) Blonde or Dark hair, Dani?
"I enjoyed being blonde, it was fun, I was modelling and I was a party girl back then but I like being dark now, it means I'm more versatile in roles I can play and I still have fun, it's also a lot easier to maintain, I'm not constantly in a salon getting my roots done now!" 

3) If you could travel to do a movie, where would you go?
"I was meant to go to Australia last year but if fell through which was a shame, I'd still like to go out there, I loved LA though so maybe back there or Egypt, I loved The Mummy franchise."

4) Would you ever step behind the camera? (not that we don't wanna see your pretty face, Dani)
"I write, I wrote the original Serial Kaller script and I'm writing Bad Moon Rising at the moment and have a few other writing projects in the works and I produce but as for directing, never say never but not at the moment."

5) What past horror film would you have loved to have starred in?
6) Who would you like to kill you off? Jason, Freddy or Myers? or other?
"Freddy, definitely."

7) Would you ever go back to the stage?
"I've never done stage, apart from a school play at primary school once and as a dancer a bit of ballet when I was younger, oh and I was a showgirl in a revue show in Great Yarmouth one Summer but I've never acted on stage, I've never fancied theatre."

8) Any surprises in your dvd collection?
"I love old Hollywood, there's a lot of Audrey and Marilyn DVDs, other than that now really, mainly horror but I do love fun girly films too, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Jawbreaker, etc."

9) Godzilla or Gamera?
"I don't even know who Gamera is!"

10) Pet Mogwai or cute furry dog? :)
"I'll keep my dogs, those Mogwai's can be trouble in the wrong hands!"

TY, Dani! Really appreciate your time! Be sure to check out her website: Follow her on her Twitter & Facebook, and see her Deadly Die-ry page where she writes, posts and blogs!

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