Thursday, 29 May 2014

Scooter Mum (2000)... An Independent Short by Craig Robert Young! (May 2014)

It's grim growing up in England, sometimes! In 1999, I got to be an extra on a local indie short called Scooter Mum (2000). This was right on my doorstep and I had found out about this through my work place and extras were needed. On set, I got meet and share a brief scene with Coronation Street's Alison King as she was one of the main actors.

The story centres around a single parent mod mum who must change her ways in order to keep her two children from the courts! It's pure British comedy drama with real life struggles thrown in for good measure. Craig Robert Young, the director is a local boy and is best known for the football TV series, Dream Team (1998 - 2003). He was previously a singer and drama student.

My time on set was fun and relaxed and the shots needed took two weekends! I filmed a few behind the scene backstage scenes, but sadly don't have the footage from the old video camera, any more! It was a great experience and everybody was friendly around me. The film went to a few festivals and Craig continues to act and make films in LA, these days. Scooter Mum is short and sweet and some of Nottingham's finest faces came out to act and play in the film on such a low budget. Thanks, for the experience! You can see me below, running shirtless through the kitchen scene after the mod party.

To watch the film on line, please click, HERE!

Kitchen scene... aftermath mod party in Scooter Mum (2000)

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