Thursday, 15 May 2014

REVIEW: Wasteland (2013)... by Tom Wadlow (Light Films, Ltd.) (May 2014)

Indie budget zombies from the east midlands - Wasteland - directed by Tom Wadlow!!
Wasteland (2013) is a low budget zombie drama that was filmed in Derbyshire, England. The director Tom Wadlow had done several short films before hand and for this feature, he teamed up with Indie screenwriter, Tommy Draper. The story centres around Scott (Sham Madarbakus) and Beth (Jessicia Messenger) as two struggling lovers who meet (through flashback) and their world has gone to sh*t - via the apocalypse. Without giving too much away, disaster strikes the couple where Scott is left on his own towards the end of the movie. He meets the couple of Rachel Benson and Mark Drake (who had a small role in Game of Thrones) whilst being pursued by flesh eating zombies. Expect zombie survival drama and zombie-kills via bow-and-arrow and guns.

For the low budget, tons of unpaid extras came out to play the undead and practical effects were used with cgi blood splats and creative visual effects by Chris Newman. The wasteland surroundings look amazing for the production as a break down of the effects can be seen on the special dvd-r, only through Light Films, Ltd, via Behind the Scene features. The indie horror even found itself at festivals like Cannes in 2013, before being completed and shown around the UK later that year.

Being a part of Wasteland felt like a community-thing as myself - John Shelton, actor Dean Sills and Guntis Brazma, amongst others all played zombies and extras in the film. Also look out for and support Ian "Jaymz" Matthews, Mike Rhodes, Sandy Kate Slade. The whole film experience was a fun ride and now this zombie film is waiting distribution from a company in the near future. I also turn up as a waiter dressed in black during the diner scene!

NOTE: Acort International/Midnight Releasing are now releasing Wasteland onto dvd/blu-ray/VOD - September 1st, 2015. Facebook Page can be found, HERE.


  1. Nice review, John. Thanks for the mention. :)

  2. Nice to remember the experience of being zombie an getting a bullet in head. :)