Monday, 23 June 2014

My Evil Dead Collection! (June 2014)

I was mad on Evil Dead in college! Videos, posters, models and magazines, etc. I had it! Here is part of my collection that I have left in photos - see the below video, too. If you've never seen Evil Dead (I'm sure you have), it's about five college kids that go into the cabin in the woods to party and frolic. However, in the cellar, they find an old tape recorder in which they play back an evil spell to re-awaken the demons! The film stars a then unknown Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams (aka Ash) who went on to star in two comedy horror sequels - also directed by Sam Raimi. My collection was a good one, but today you see tattoos and rooms-filled with memorabilia. However, I am still proud of this franchise and in 2013, we got a new ED film: Evil Dead (2013) in which a new generation gets to this awesome horror legacy! Enjoy the photos of my collection... "Join Us!".

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

REVIEW: The Out & About Movies by Wetmovie1 & Coolduder! (June 2014)

Whenever I need a laugh I turn to two dvd-rs directed and edited by Youtubers Coolduder (aka Shawn C Phillips) & Wetmovie1 (aka Brendan Mitchell). They are the Out & About movies available on Amazon. If you are into movies and Youtube, you will likely know who these film fans are...

The first film is Around the Country (2010) in which Coolduder and then friend, MJ Kelley take a road trip to Shawn's new home in San Diego. Scenes are set up and acted along the way, but the travelling by the end of it all nearly killed the pair... and each other! It's a feature length comedy blog where the guys eat, sleep and argue abiut the journey and must drive against long road ways and traffic in order to get home in one piece!

Out & About: Las Vegas (2011) also stars Coolduder when Wetmovie1 and Gabriel Mercado take the trip to the gamblling capital of America. Gabe seems to like pissing off his two buddies by walking off and bringing less money than expected, but it is a laugh! There is also some NUDITY, so be warned - from Mercado! Gabe is up to his usual tricks by touching up Brendan to the extent that he just doesn't seem to care any more because of the pure silliness of the campy jokes and entertainment for Youtube audiences. Things are crude, but that is GM all over, again - be warned! Both films make good rainy, bank holiday viewing.

To find these movies, try or contact the guys through Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. The features include trailers and feature commentary on the Las Vegas outing dvd.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

REVIEW: $how Me Da Mon3y (2010) - Directed by Clive McKenzie! (June 2014)

Show me Da Money (2010) is a 7 minute shoot-em-up gangsta short directed by Clive McKenzie and starring Karate Debs and John Shelton. It was filmed in Nottingham and a crooked deal is going off between two wanna-be business men dealing with a suspicious suit case! When one off them is killed by a female cop (Karate Debs), the other is left in a violent shoot out to the death upstairs in the house where the deal was taking place! Cue, the Action, now! If you stay through the credits, you will see the out-takes.

Shooting took place for me over a cold, chilly weekend in November, 2010 - the follow up scenes were shot by Clive and Debs. I've always admired Clive's kung fu and film making skills. He runs Talking Records, Ltd. and is an active Youtube user who knows how to put together a short film feature for the sake of entertainment! Even though my role was a brief one, I always know when to step aside and let Clive and his GF Karate Debs do the action parts - all though, he always encouraged me to step up and do those parts, too! Please, check out the short and his Youtube Channel for more non-stop action and martial art mayhem! Other classic action shorts from the McKenzie family & friends are Double-Trouble (1996), Project V: The Viper (1997) and Tenko (2012).

WARNING: Film contains strong Lanuage and Gun-handling Scenes!

Clive McKenzie of Talking Records, Ltd.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

REVIEW: The G-String Horror (2012)... Debra Lamb/Tasha Talonz! (June 2014)

How could you fail with a title like The G-String Horror (2012)? The film was directed by Charles Webb and is set in a real haunted, yet abandoned movie palace turned strip-club in San Francisco, USA - Market Street Cinema. 

Debra Lamb plays a psychic who is called in to investigate the building's grisly history where a film crew is ghost hunting and hearing the nightclub's past bloody history! Tasha Talonz (of Black Devil Doll [2007]) plays a demon "Baby Doll" who was murdered in the club by a group of rowdy, yet unpleasant strip club costumers and boy is she pissed! 

It's a 70 minute docu-horror based on real life ghost stories and events that Debra Lamb uncovers as the film goes along in it's Ghost Adventures style. NOTE: the same TV show did shoot here, too for an episode!

The film is fun, but this is low budget stuff! If you like your ghost shows and paranormal set ups with night-vision cameras, then this will probably be for you! The eye candy (Talonz and Lamb) are very nice to look at through-out the production if you like that thing! Debra spoke to me in an INTERVIEW about the past history of the haunted nightclub from the set and some stories over shadow the production and bloody effects, which is very interesting. I can see why Charles Webb wanted to shoot in the location like he did.

The film is out on Amazon and contains a number of special features for adults only! Interviews are featured with cast members on location while investigating, behind the scenes and make-up effects, etc on the dvd. Region 0 - so will play in all countries. There is also an alternative DEMON CUT available which has been re-edited for film festivals. The Demon Cut is an enhanced version of the film and is reviewed, HERE.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

REVIEW: Transformers: The mOvie (1986)... Animated Classic!! (June 2014)

Eat Lead, Ironhide!
December, 1986 was the date! My dad, brother Paul - see, HERE - were going to the cinema after moving house! Wow, we were off to see TF - The Movie (1986) after seeing it advertised on tv and in comic books! Now, cast your mind back... feature length animations are NOT what they are today, but this felt like an event and a half! Having grown up on Transformers was a lucky treat in the 80's. Optimus PrimeMegatron, Grimlock, Soundwave, Bumble Bee, etc is NOT like now - but, the awe was still there! In this new movie, we are introduced to Galvatron, Unicron, Junkions, Sharkticons, Ultra Magnus, Arcee (a female Autobot), Hot Rod, Kupp and many others, etc. as well the Matrix (long before Keanu Reeves). We got a kick-ass soundtrack via muscians like Vince DiCola and Stan Bush... as well as KickAxe, NRG and others including Weird Al Yankovic!

The Autobots and Decepticons are fighting over Cybertron on Earth and briefly in space - cue the destruction of childhood heroes to the sound of "Instruments of Destruction" by heavy metal band, NRG! Optimus Prime and Megatron do battle to the death - one is killed - all in the first 25 minutes of this 85 min feature length cartoon and advertisement of the Transformers universe. In the meantime, the massive planet of Unicron is threatneing to destroy planets and even Cybertron in the process of trying to capture and destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! Unicron enlists the evil Galvatron to lead the Decepticons with new troops to chase Magnus, Hot Rod, Kupp and the Autobots across the galaxy. In this animated action adventure, we meet the Quintessons and the Sharkticons on an evil planet - whilst the rest of the Autobot crew meet the neutral Junkions! Will they be able to stop Unicron in time?

The plot isn't complicated and if you were a fan of the Saturday morning cartoon series, then this feature animation is for you! Season 3 & 4 followed TF: The mOvie where as the Japanese cartoon continued with Headmasters. The movie features the voices of Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Lionel StanderRobert Stack, Eric Idle and the late Orson Wells as Unicron in his last ever role. 

Awesome stuff! Great animation which is rarely flawed. We are so lucky to live in these digital times where the film has been remastered a number of times on dvd and blu-ray! Great kicking rock and progressive soundtrack from DiCola - who also scored Rocky IV (1985). The soundtrack really keeps the film going and fans coming back for more - see the track listing below which is out on cd.

OST - 2007 Re-Release of Transformers: The mOvie:

Track listing:-

  1. "The Touch" - Stan Bush
  2. "Instruments of Destruction" - NRG
  3. "The Death of Optimus Prime" - Vince DiCola
  4. "Dare" - Stan Bush
  5. "Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way" - KickAxe aka Spectre General
  6. "The Transformers (Theme)" - Lion
  7. "Escape" - Vince DiCola 
  8. "Hunger" - KickAxe  aka Spectre General
  9. "Autobot/Decepticon Battle" - Vince DiCola
  10. "Dare to Be Stupid" - Weird Al Yank
  11. "Unicron Medley" - Vince DiCola
  12. "Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch" - Vince DiCola
  13. "Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 and 2)" - Vince DiCola
  14. "The Transformers (Theme) (Alternate Version)"
And did I mention? There IS NO Michael Bay on this movie... a true animated epic classic! For more info on the movie, check the TF - The mOvie wiki page for more details and info - box-office, etc!

Melaine Robel... Alternative Indie Actor/Model (Interview) (June 2014)

Mel Robel is a striking actress and model who breaks the rules as a scream queen of indie horror. She prefers to be an icon and her rebel side is something she takes serious as a film maker. Her roles include Joe Hollow's Disciples and A Blood Story. It's no surprise that she is a keen animal lover like a lot of scream queen peers appear to be, too - having rescued four cats in the past! Mel also resigns in Orlando, Florida and is keen on keeping fit in her spare time for personal gain and acting parts!

How would you describe yourself as an actress/film maker, Mel?

How did you get into acting?

What are your favourite type of modelling shoots?

Are you thinking of directing?

Who are your favourite actors/actresses to work with atm?

You're an animal lover - is this a change of careers?

Please, tell me about your favourite films and roles to act in so far?

What does the future hold for Mel IYHO?

Monday, 2 June 2014

Dawna Heising... Glam Indie Horror from LA! (Interview) (June 2014)

While promoting/supporting Indie Horror through social media, I came across Dawna Lee Heising on The House of Evil 3D - directed by Massimiliano Cerchi. I dug a little deeper and found out that she works for Eye on Entertainment in which she interviews fellow actors and directors in the industry - please, see her Youtube. I discovered she was also a Miss Universe in 2009 and saw how dedicated she was to Indie features through her Imdb page. She also works with Frolic Pictures - founded by Jared Masters.

You were in Blade Runner and Big Trouble in Little China.  What is the difference in the film business now and then?
I had small roles as a cage dancer and prostitute in “Blade Runner” and as a Chinese guard in “Big Trouble in Little China”, but I was on the set for both films for at least two weeks.  The sets were both huge and very elaborate, and there was a cast of thousands.  If you look at the beginning of my career on IMDb, I’m sure you've heard of most of the shows.  The industry is completely different now because of cable television and the Indie film industry.  It’s much easier to make a film now because of digital cameras, and more are being made.  However, you still must be talented and smart to succeed in today’s industry to take a film from conception to distribution and make a profit.

You work with Jared Masters a lot.  What can we expect from Frolic Pictures?
I love working with Jared Masters. He is a brilliant young filmmaker with a huge future.  He cast me as Joan in “Slink”, which won a 2013 EOTM Award for Best Horror Film, and I played Naomi Perkins in his next feature “Teachers’ Day”.  I was honored to win a Best Actress Award for “Teachers’ Day” at the 2014 Mockfest Film Festival.  I played a record producer named Gladys Kang in “Deadly Punkettes”, which will hopefully premiere at the 2014 Galactic Film Festival.  Jared is currently shooting his next film called “Passion Show”, starring Andy Dick and Domiziano Arcangeli.  I am playing an ex-pageant queen named Shelby.  Upcoming are the films “Ballerina Massacre” and “Carny Girls”, which will star Bill Oberst Jr.  

Jared is a filmmaker who just gets things done – and done brilliantly.  All of his films that I have been involved with so far have gotten excellent reviews and he makes them on minimal budgets.  He works fast because he is an expert at pre-production and budgeting, and he can conceptualize how he wants each scene to go in his mind as he works.  His creativity amazes me, but he is also a brilliant businessman.  He has gotten his films into Amazon, On Demand and Red Box, and is always looking for new opportunities.  I feel very fortunate and blessed to be working with Jared.

When did you get the acting bug?
I’ve always enjoyed being on stage, from being a cheerleader in school to competing in pageants.  I’m from an Asian family so my primary focus was to get a good education.  I majored in Chemistry while at U.C. Berkeley, but I also took Chinese because I was going to go to Taiwan as Miss Los Angeles Chinatown.  I got a role in Fantasy Island as Miss Hawaii after winning Miss San Francisco Universe and came back to Orange County.  I started studying with Sal Romeo at Fullerton College and followed him when he opened the Friends and Artists Theatre in Los Angeles.  Sal is the one who taught me everything I know about acting – he is a fantastic teacher!

What is your latest film?
My latest film is “Salvation of One” from Chandra Gerson.  It is a psychological suspense drama and my role of Honora Turner was incredible and life-changing.  I worked with acting coach June Barfield and with Chandra on the role, and I learned so much about acting while preparing to play Honora.  I am so proud to be a part of “Salvation of One”, and I hope to see the short film premiere at the FANtastic Film Festival.  “Salvation of One” is the third story in Chandra’s feature film “Book of Choices”.

I just wanna say, thank you Dawna! Good luck to you and Frolic Pictures on your films.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mitsuko Studios... Home-Grown Horror in Newcastle, UK - Antoni McVay Interview/Review! (June 2014)

In 2010, is when I first got to know Antoni McVay through Social Media. He is an a very enthusiastic, yet young director and film maker who has surrounded himself with the horror community and other film enthusiasts. He hails from Newcastle, England and is a keen Evil Dead and macabre fan... perfect backbones for horror film making in this country. His company independent horror company, Mitsuko Studios have made many shorts like She (2010), Nightmares (2011) and La Belle Dame Sans Merci (2011). All of which star his friends and actors on the Newcastle scene. His Imdb dates back to 2008 which includes action shorts and Thrillers made on a very low budget! Ant is also a keen action and cult fan as well as just Horror. Above, I have reviewed some of his recent horror dvds - see video. He appreciates 70/80's action heroes like Norris, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee. Antoni also helps to run the Cutting Edge Film Festival, too.

Who would you really like to work with (Realistically) on a film?
"I'd really love to make a film featuring Bruce Campbell and Nathan Fillion. That would be a casting dream come true."

Who inspires you to make movies?
"I'll say my initial inspiration for film making came from George A. Romero and Sam Raimi. Their films Night of the Living Dead and Evil dead were the 2 films which inspired me the most to make me want to make films when I first got into film making about 15 years ago."

"Since then I've been inspired from many different things. The photography work of my friend Kayla Wren inspired me to make a movie using still photography (my film Nightmares.) A number of different Japanese horror films inspired my film She. I've also taken a page out of Wes Craven's inspiration book and have been inspired by dreams."

You have a background in a few action shorts, too - please, tell me about them?
Yes, I've made 2 and a half action movies (the half one was not finished.) I used to enjoy Judo when I was younger, so in my twenties I joined a Choi Lee Fut kung fu club. The training was great for fitness and also put me in the mood for making an action film so for one of my earliest films (Beat 'Em Up) I got a few like-minded friends together to make a martial arts film. The intention was to make a film with an overall story, but like Bruce Lee's (far better, haha) Game of Death we only filmed the fight sequences.

Which of your films are you most proud off?
"I'm proud of many of my films for many reasons. The Treatment was nominated for a Best Gore award at a film festival. Drugs, Sex and Bloody Violence has well over 100,000 views on YouTube. She was featured on the cover DVD of Gorezone magazine. Summer's Night and Young and Naïve have both been included in feature length anthology films which should both get distribution deals. But the film I'm proudest of is The Best Men because I made that to be a part of my best man speech at a very good friend's wedding, because it has a lot of sentimental value."

When did you get into horror?
"One of my first memories is watching the Michael Jackson video for the song Thriller in the early 80s. So that was probably the first horror related thing I got into. Also, when I was young my grandma and mam were really cool with me watching horror films so I’d go to the local VHS rental store and they'd rent whatever I wanted to watch. I mostly hired horror films and I watched most of the best horrors from the 80s before I reached my teens."

Favorite type of music/bands? etc.
"My 2 favourite bands are Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars. That said, I'm willing to listen to just about anything once. So I'm a fan of many genres including Jpop, classical, rock, horror soundtrack music, etc."

What features have you got planned/working on in future?
"I'm currently working on a short horror film called Bloody Campers which will be a part of the feature length horror anthology Self Induced Nightmares 2. We're hoping to get a distribution deal for that. The film is set in the same universe as my film Summer's Night, which appears in the first Self Induced Nightmares 1. Bloody Campers is gory slasher film with a sense of humour."

Who would win in a battle to the death - Bruce Campbell or Chuck Norris IYO?
"Although I have a lot of love for BruceChuck Norris defeats all."

Thank You, Antoni - I wish you all the best in future projects and TY for your on going support, too - I really appreciate it, buddy. Stay well!

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...