Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Melaine Robel... Alternative Indie Actor/Model (Interview) (June 2014)

Mel Robel is a striking actress and model who breaks the rules as a scream queen of indie horror. She prefers to be an icon and her rebel side is something she takes serious as a film maker. Her roles include Joe Hollow's Disciples and A Blood Story. It's no surprise that she is a keen animal lover like a lot of scream queen peers appear to be, too - having rescued four cats in the past! Mel also resigns in Orlando, Florida and is keen on keeping fit in her spare time for personal gain and acting parts!

How would you describe yourself as an actress/film maker, Mel?

How did you get into acting?

What are your favourite type of modelling shoots?

Are you thinking of directing?

Who are your favourite actors/actresses to work with atm?

You're an animal lover - is this a change of careers?

Please, tell me about your favourite films and roles to act in so far?

What does the future hold for Mel IYHO?

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