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Mitsuko Studios... Home-Grown Horror in Newcastle, UK - Antoni McVay Interview/Review! (June 2014)

In 2010, is when I first got to know Antoni McVay through Social Media. He is an a very enthusiastic, yet young director and film maker who has surrounded himself with the horror community and other film enthusiasts. He hails from Newcastle, England and is a keen Evil Dead and macabre fan... perfect backbones for horror film making in this country. His company independent horror company, Mitsuko Studios have made many shorts like She (2010), Nightmares (2011) and La Belle Dame Sans Merci (2011). All of which star his friends and actors on the Newcastle scene. His Imdb dates back to 2008 which includes action shorts and Thrillers made on a very low budget! Ant is also a keen action and cult fan as well as just Horror. Above, I have reviewed some of his recent horror dvds - see video. He appreciates 70/80's action heroes like Norris, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee. Antoni also helps to run the Cutting Edge Film Festival, too.

Who would you really like to work with (Realistically) on a film?
"I'd really love to make a film featuring Bruce Campbell and Nathan Fillion. That would be a casting dream come true."

Who inspires you to make movies?
"I'll say my initial inspiration for film making came from George A. Romero and Sam Raimi. Their films Night of the Living Dead and Evil dead were the 2 films which inspired me the most to make me want to make films when I first got into film making about 15 years ago."

"Since then I've been inspired from many different things. The photography work of my friend Kayla Wren inspired me to make a movie using still photography (my film Nightmares.) A number of different Japanese horror films inspired my film She. I've also taken a page out of Wes Craven's inspiration book and have been inspired by dreams."

You have a background in a few action shorts, too - please, tell me about them?
Yes, I've made 2 and a half action movies (the half one was not finished.) I used to enjoy Judo when I was younger, so in my twenties I joined a Choi Lee Fut kung fu club. The training was great for fitness and also put me in the mood for making an action film so for one of my earliest films (Beat 'Em Up) I got a few like-minded friends together to make a martial arts film. The intention was to make a film with an overall story, but like Bruce Lee's (far better, haha) Game of Death we only filmed the fight sequences.

Which of your films are you most proud off?
"I'm proud of many of my films for many reasons. The Treatment was nominated for a Best Gore award at a film festival. Drugs, Sex and Bloody Violence has well over 100,000 views on YouTube. She was featured on the cover DVD of Gorezone magazine. Summer's Night and Young and Naïve have both been included in feature length anthology films which should both get distribution deals. But the film I'm proudest of is The Best Men because I made that to be a part of my best man speech at a very good friend's wedding, because it has a lot of sentimental value."

When did you get into horror?
"One of my first memories is watching the Michael Jackson video for the song Thriller in the early 80s. So that was probably the first horror related thing I got into. Also, when I was young my grandma and mam were really cool with me watching horror films so I’d go to the local VHS rental store and they'd rent whatever I wanted to watch. I mostly hired horror films and I watched most of the best horrors from the 80s before I reached my teens."

Favorite type of music/bands? etc.
"My 2 favourite bands are Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars. That said, I'm willing to listen to just about anything once. So I'm a fan of many genres including Jpop, classical, rock, horror soundtrack music, etc."

What features have you got planned/working on in future?
"I'm currently working on a short horror film called Bloody Campers which will be a part of the feature length horror anthology Self Induced Nightmares 2. We're hoping to get a distribution deal for that. The film is set in the same universe as my film Summer's Night, which appears in the first Self Induced Nightmares 1. Bloody Campers is gory slasher film with a sense of humour."

Who would win in a battle to the death - Bruce Campbell or Chuck Norris IYO?
"Although I have a lot of love for BruceChuck Norris defeats all."

Thank You, Antoni - I wish you all the best in future projects and TY for your on going support, too - I really appreciate it, buddy. Stay well!

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