Monday, 23 June 2014

My Evil Dead Collection! (June 2014)

I was mad on Evil Dead in college! Videos, posters, models and magazines, etc. I had it! Here is part of my collection that I have left in photos - see the below video, too. If you've never seen Evil Dead (I'm sure you have), it's about five college kids that go into the cabin in the woods to party and frolic. However, in the cellar, they find an old tape recorder in which they play back an evil spell to re-awaken the demons! The film stars a then unknown Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams (aka Ash) who went on to star in two comedy horror sequels - also directed by Sam Raimi. My collection was a good one, but today you see tattoos and rooms-filled with memorabilia. However, I am still proud of this franchise and in 2013, we got a new ED film: Evil Dead (2013) in which a new generation gets to this awesome horror legacy! Enjoy the photos of my collection... "Join Us!".