Thursday, 5 June 2014

REVIEW: $how Me Da Mon3y (2010) - Directed by Clive McKenzie! (June 2014)

Show me Da Money (2010) is a 7 minute shoot-em-up gangsta short directed by Clive McKenzie and starring Karate Debs and John Shelton. It was filmed in Nottingham and a crooked deal is going off between two wanna-be business men dealing with a suspicious suit case! When one off them is killed by a female cop (Karate Debs), the other is left in a violent shoot out to the death upstairs in the house where the deal was taking place! Cue, the Action, now! If you stay through the credits, you will see the out-takes.

Shooting took place for me over a cold, chilly weekend in November, 2010 - the follow up scenes were shot by Clive and Debs. I've always admired Clive's kung fu and film making skills. He runs Talking Records, Ltd. and is an active Youtube user who knows how to put together a short film feature for the sake of entertainment! Even though my role was a brief one, I always know when to step aside and let Clive and his GF Karate Debs do the action parts - all though, he always encouraged me to step up and do those parts, too! Please, check out the short and his Youtube Channel for more non-stop action and martial art mayhem! Other classic action shorts from the McKenzie family & friends are Double-Trouble (1996), Project V: The Viper (1997) and Tenko (2012).

WARNING: Film contains strong Lanuage and Gun-handling Scenes!

Clive McKenzie of Talking Records, Ltd.

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