Tuesday, 10 June 2014

REVIEW: The Out & About Movies by Wetmovie1 & Coolduder! (June 2014)

Whenever I need a laugh I turn to two dvd-rs directed and edited by Youtubers Coolduder (aka Shawn C Phillips) & Wetmovie1 (aka Brendan Mitchell). They are the Out & About movies available on Amazon. If you are into movies and Youtube, you will likely know who these film fans are...

The first film is Around the Country (2010) in which Coolduder and then friend, MJ Kelley take a road trip to Shawn's new home in San Diego. Scenes are set up and acted along the way, but the travelling by the end of it all nearly killed the pair... and each other! It's a feature length comedy blog where the guys eat, sleep and argue abiut the journey and must drive against long road ways and traffic in order to get home in one piece!

Out & About: Las Vegas (2011) also stars Coolduder when Wetmovie1 and Gabriel Mercado take the trip to the gamblling capital of America. Gabe seems to like pissing off his two buddies by walking off and bringing less money than expected, but it is a laugh! There is also some NUDITY, so be warned - from Mercado! Gabe is up to his usual tricks by touching up Brendan to the extent that he just doesn't seem to care any more because of the pure silliness of the campy jokes and entertainment for Youtube audiences. Things are crude, but that is GM all over, again - be warned! Both films make good rainy, bank holiday viewing.

To find these movies, try Amazon.com or contact the guys through Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. The features include trailers and feature commentary on the Las Vegas outing dvd.

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