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REVIEW: Transformers: The mOvie (1986)... Animated Classic!! (June 2014)

Eat Lead, Ironhide!
December, 1986 was the date! My dad, brother Paul - see, HERE - were going to the cinema after moving house! Wow, we were off to see TF - The Movie (1986) after seeing it advertised on tv and in comic books! Now, cast your mind back... feature length animations are NOT what they are today, but this felt like an event and a half! Having grown up on Transformers was a lucky treat in the 80's. Optimus PrimeMegatron, Grimlock, Soundwave, Bumble Bee, etc is NOT like now - but, the awe was still there! In this new movie, we are introduced to Galvatron, Unicron, Junkions, Sharkticons, Ultra Magnus, Arcee (a female Autobot), Hot Rod, Kupp and many others, etc. as well the Matrix (long before Keanu Reeves). We got a kick-ass soundtrack via muscians like Vince DiCola and Stan Bush... as well as KickAxe, NRG and others including Weird Al Yankovic!

The Autobots and Decepticons are fighting over Cybertron on Earth and briefly in space - cue the destruction of childhood heroes to the sound of "Instruments of Destruction" by heavy metal band, NRG! Optimus Prime and Megatron do battle to the death - one is killed - all in the first 25 minutes of this 85 min feature length cartoon and advertisement of the Transformers universe. In the meantime, the massive planet of Unicron is threatneing to destroy planets and even Cybertron in the process of trying to capture and destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership! Unicron enlists the evil Galvatron to lead the Decepticons with new troops to chase Magnus, Hot Rod, Kupp and the Autobots across the galaxy. In this animated action adventure, we meet the Quintessons and the Sharkticons on an evil planet - whilst the rest of the Autobot crew meet the neutral Junkions! Will they be able to stop Unicron in time?

The plot isn't complicated and if you were a fan of the Saturday morning cartoon series, then this feature animation is for you! Season 3 & 4 followed TF: The mOvie where as the Japanese cartoon continued with Headmasters. The movie features the voices of Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Lionel StanderRobert Stack, Eric Idle and the late Orson Wells as Unicron in his last ever role. 

Awesome stuff! Great animation which is rarely flawed. We are so lucky to live in these digital times where the film has been remastered a number of times on dvd and blu-ray! Great kicking rock and progressive soundtrack from DiCola - who also scored Rocky IV (1985). The soundtrack really keeps the film going and fans coming back for more - see the track listing below which is out on cd.

OST - 2007 Re-Release of Transformers: The mOvie:

Track listing:-

  1. "The Touch" - Stan Bush
  2. "Instruments of Destruction" - NRG
  3. "The Death of Optimus Prime" - Vince DiCola
  4. "Dare" - Stan Bush
  5. "Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way" - KickAxe aka Spectre General
  6. "The Transformers (Theme)" - Lion
  7. "Escape" - Vince DiCola 
  8. "Hunger" - KickAxe  aka Spectre General
  9. "Autobot/Decepticon Battle" - Vince DiCola
  10. "Dare to Be Stupid" - Weird Al Yank
  11. "Unicron Medley" - Vince DiCola
  12. "Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch" - Vince DiCola
  13. "Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 and 2)" - Vince DiCola
  14. "The Transformers (Theme) (Alternate Version)"
And did I mention? There IS NO Michael Bay on this movie... a true animated epic classic! For more info on the movie, check the TF - The mOvie wiki page for more details and info - box-office, etc!

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