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Honey Holmes... Werewolves & Hair Changes! (Interview) (December 2014)

She's like a chameleon, she's actress Angela HolmesAngela grew up performing in drama group productions and dance shows then aged 16 started delivering papers around the stages at Shepperton Film Studios. After going on the gigantic & incredible sets, playing Frankenstein pinball machines with Kenneth Branagh and watching closely those performing on screen it wasn't long before Angela had caught the screen acting bug - Imdb. Holmes is also a dancer and in 2013, she landed a number of leading roles in short indie films and a web tv series No Place Like Holmes. She's even appeared on QVC tv programming as a model. Since then, she has landed herself a few roles with horror director Dan Brownlie. Her roles include the upcoming: Cute Little Buggers, Bad Moon & Girl Force.

Can you tell me a bit about your role in Bad Moon Rising?
"Of course, Hi! :-) Pip is a very spiritual being who is in touch closely with her subconscious and 'senses' and 'feels' things. Some may see her as having too much of an open mind yet when she opens her mind to things more things confirmed for her (if you see what I mean) so perhaps you should be asking others why they can't or don't want to see it.... She's a pretty complex person who sense's things in life has incredibly strong instincts and the important thing is this is what she 'feels' not what she 'see's' and this makes her extremely perceptive. She takes herself seriously but is pretty smart and on the ball so her reasoning for being serious backs this up. She believes in things others would scoff and this shows true strength of character. Even though others don't believe something she's really not afraid to go against the grain, go against the majority and believe in something others don't 'just to fit in', this makes her perhaps a bit odd or more of an outcast. Some may think she's disillusion but actually maybe this make her better equipped for situations when they do arise... as Pip has already prepared for it!. She's what some could see as a pretty boring 'by the book' character who takes herself and situations too seriously but also the first you would go to for support, belief and understanding when unusual things do happen. She's not bothered about fitting in and perhaps this makes her a little less popular however it's through standing alone that new things are discovered and she grows! The question is will you be discovering them with her????"

How did you meet film-maker Dan Brownlie?
"I was introduced to the incredible Dan Brownlie through my good friend the very driven and talented Dani Thompson. The first time I met Dan I observed how abstract minded he is and how driven by his creative desires, the type you would fire but still watch him go on to create great things! ha ha ha.... Passionate about his horror and gore... quite frankly I could barely look at his full collection of DVDs due to their covers alone. I think he's an individual who has an eye for opportunity and a craving for the absurd and this alone would fascinate anyone who admires creativity, he's one to watch, I can't wait to work with them all more on bringing this to life in a multitude of colour with a media hunger!!"

Did you enjoy spending time with actor Kenneth Branagh growing up?
"Ha ha, yes I did though I couldn't say I learn't much from him apart from how to thrash a pinball machine! At the time I had no idea who he was I just enjoyed playing his Frankenstein Pinball machine when he let me, running screaming from his scary dogs and stealing tampons from his toilet.......... long story... another day... hopefully I will meet him again and can fully explain my confession...."

Any plans to direct a film/horror yourself?
"That's a big question... I 100% have plans and actions to direct two movies in the future...1 is a nitty gritty real life drama with 'Hollywood Gloss' in the filming and quality but not in acting or story-line. I want to achieve the independent look and feel combined with the professional filming standard of a Hollywood movie and if you ask me if this will take from the look and feel of the film I would say absolutely not it will just magnify and emphasis the beauty tangle of emotions being explored in front of the lens. A tough thing to achieve but I'm gonna do it. The other will very much be a chick flick in all it's glory with comedic moments thrown into the mix and a film many teens and even adults and grandparents can relate too... a film with light breezy moments, absurdly and unbelievably happy moments and heart wrenching moments of disappointment and broken dreams..... think 'The Notebook' but with more twists and turns and no kiss in the bloody rain which tends to creep it's way into every Nicholas Sparks film (I am a massive fan of his) ... and no the ending hasn't been written yet and I definitely will not be giving that away! As far as horror is concerned.. I love being in horrors because I get to explore the dramatic actress in me and extreme's not everyday you get to die or near it.... but as far as watching styles go the films I enjoy most are those that I take something from which can aid me in a positive way in life, a film that makes a positive impact is important to me, though that's not to say I don't appreciate the pleasure some take from a good old dirty horror or thriller..... not in the kinky sense.... though each to their own.... my Grandad does watch Eurotrash, it keeps him happy and alive! ;-)"

What advice would you give to younger models and actors/actresses wanting to get into tv/film work?
"Wow, firstly no one will fully ever appreciate the choice you have made persuing your acting etc and if they do they may be pushy and perhaps it's not your choice but what they want you to do (The industry is such a mix of these), you will get very little support from those around you but it's the support within yourself that keeps you going and it's that strength and inner support that is that crucial in a industry that's so competitive, build your inside up and only when you have a belly full of concrete belief are you ready to pursue it... your never too far from the next punch in the stomach (ouch). Instead of encouraging one another and taking delight from what others achieve only too many people focus instead on pulling down those around them...or at least attempting too ha ha ha. Remember though you would never win a race if you ran it looking at the person next to you. Develop that intense focus on the finishing line, or the next finishing line or the one after that and let anyone run by you, ahead of you or behind you or into you lol without letting you focus slip. No one else can affect your journey only yourself and your outlook, it's the only thing in life we can control."

You seem a versatile stylist? Do you have a favorite look to go for?
"Ha ha, the world isn't a static place. If you look at a human under a seriously cool microcope which would probably cost that of the wages in a Hollywood movie lol you will see that humans are made up of moving atoms, we are not still, static - we were never meant to be, we create what's around us, we create what's inside of us and we choose to move this from place to place..or not. When it comes to my appearance I love to change it on a regular basis it's just your shell, not permanently but temporarily... each look is a different aspect of my personality being explored and my film roles for me are very much like this. Through doing them you find another aspect of yourself you can appreciate but also learn from make the mistakes it would make and you make the right moves it would make and it's this 'learning' you take from each role.....with my roles it is important to me each of them taps into at least a small percentage of myself, If I can't feel that percentage it's not the role for me.... but every human is made up of a lot of different percentages and it's exploring as many of them as possible that you want to that makes us versatile as people and actors."

"Look out for me in 2015 as Pip in 'Bad Moon Rising', Angel in 'Girl Force' and hopefully many others, keep up to date via twitter: @msangelaholmes if you like public breakdowns and realness and if you like professional 'Hollywood Gloss'."

NOTE: Bad Moon is now being directed by Alasdair MacKay and producer by being Thompson.

Online Promo for Bad Moon by Dan Brownlie.

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Singer Carl Batten: Tattoos & Doomsday Outlaw! (Interview) (November 2014)

Carl Batten, Doomsday Outlaw Vocalist & Tattooist.
Carl Batten is the lead singer for Midlands rock/metal band Doomsday Outlaw. The band was formed in late 2012 and includes members John "Ironfoot" Willis (Drums), Gavin Mills (Guitar), Indy (Bass) and Steve (Guitar). Batten is the front-man and is also a tattooist. Check out the band's website and facebook page.

How did Doomsday Outlaw come about?
"John and Steve got things started off sometime in 2012 with Gavin, and Josh on bass. I saw their advert for a vocalist and the list of influences which got me interested. I got in touch and was meant to go for a try out. John got in touch about an advert that I had online for new members for a band I had been messing about with that had fizzled out due to some of the guys wanting to stick to covers (not a fan of covers). Willis was concerned about time, commitment so I bowed out and Al Jones got the job."

Doomsday Outlaw - (L-R) Carl, Gavin, Steve, John & Indy.

"I was kicking myself the next day! My poor girlfriend had earache moaning! I rang John a week or later but I'd missed my chance. Six months later, more or less, John got in touch to see if was still looking to join a band. A week later I was down on the farm and got on with the lads, we jammed through Devil's Tomb (which got featured in Serial Kaller) and Deadman's Hand a few times and I got the job. A week later we met up again, this time Steve suggested we jam on some of the songs they had, I put some lyrics to a couple and we were off!"

"We wrote four new songs and polished the other two and about a month later had a great first gig at The Vic Inn in Derby supporting Wraith, which got a great review from music and gig fan Jay Hawkins."

How would you describe the music of DO?

"If friends ask I will usually say Southern Rock for simplicity sake . We never set out to fit a particular genre, we all have similar taste and influences and that comes through, I think. Steve comes up with so many riffs, we usually write 1 or 2 new tracks a week! We try em out live and see what works. My vocals are kinda blues influenced, however we crank up the aggression."

Thanks you Mr Batten, and wish you and the boys the best of luck and rock on.

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LarynxXx: Nottingham Metal Band!! (A Look Back) (November 2014)

LarynxXx playing in Nottingham - 2003.

Back in 2000, I was looking to form a band on the Nottingham scene. I had met a number of music players until I had met Roy "Swampi" Beetham - a five-string bass-player. He was into bands like Fear Factory and NIN - he was into industrial metal. After some time and in late 2001, I had met a guitar player and Swampi on the scene through Doomsday Outlaw's drummer, John "Ironfoot" Willis. Later came a drummer who was willing to be the backbone to the LarynxXx machine in late 2002. The band lasted until early 2004 and they had a number of local and far out gigs including The Godless Festival (please, see below for the live show). Along the journey, a Home Video was made charting the band's adventures on the rock scene. A crowd favorite song was the track "Death Trap" in which I had written lyrics to in 2001. Rock on, Guys & Gals!! Also, check out the Soundcloud.


1) Intro - 0:00
2) D-evil's Brew - 02:10
3) Electric Funeral - 07:05
4) (Band Break) - 11:09
5) Those Who Dare - 13:05
6) Remorseless -16:23
7) Home Land - 20:20
8) Death Trap - 23:12

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Hitman Hart: Wrestling WIth Shadows (1998) (Review) (November 2014)

I love a wrestling documentary and this one is worth picking up if you are a Bret Hart fan! November always sees WWE - Survivor Series and it seems appropriate to talk about this film. Bret Hart is in talks with WCW and leaving the then WWF (WWE), however stronger forces are at work to prevent that in the form of Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Between 1996 and 1997, Hart was followed by a film crew in the WWF. There are ups and downs such as life, but director Paul Jay gets Bret to talk about his family and Hart Dungeon days with his father, Stu Hart. The summer of 1997 saw the Hart Foundation reunite with Bret, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart (the father of Natalie Neidhart who turns up in the ring at one point) and the late Brian Pillman (sadly others have passed on too). It was America vs Canada in the WWE - fans were split and Bret was only lukewarm to turning Heel on his fans in the company. In the mean time, WWE Monday night rivals, WCW are out to offer Hart a better deal and decisions, decisions for the five-time champ and Wrestling Legend!

In this pre-Attitude era documentary, we also get see Goldust, Vader, Savio Vega and rising stars like Mick "Mankind" Foley, HHH and of course "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Hart has something to say about each superstar, mainly positive until the shocking conclusion post-Survivor Series (1997) in which he lost the Championship to Shawn Michaels in the infamous "Montreal Screwjob"! Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows (1998) is highly worth watching. Also, please check The Life & Death of Owen Hart (1999) and my review of Bret Hart vs Stone Cold: Wrestlemania 13.

The shocking conclusion at Survivor Series (1997)

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I see a Bad Moon Rising... on Indiegogo! (November 2014)

Bad Moon Rising - Inspired in the wilderness by the sound of Wolves!

The concept came when actresses Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner were filming Christmas Slay (see my Interview with Steve Davis) this year in Bulgaria. The girls were staying up late and heard the sound of wolves! The next day, the girls grabbed sound-man Danny Allen (Invasion of the Not Quite Dead) to film some nearby "found-footage" style shooting in a derelict nearby school where the werewolf horror concept was born on this project after some writing!

Meet the Ladies (L-R) Dani Thompson, Angela Holmes & Jessica Ann Bonner!

Can you help Bad Moon Rising? For as little as £10, you can grab yourself an IMDB Thank You Credit in the film with a video-recorded message from the set. Movie Credits also start from £100 for serious Producers and they will also go on IMDB for your resume. Please, checkout and share the Bad Moon Rising - Indiegogo Page.

Synopsis: Scream Team is a seemingly successful TV show, pretty much Towie meets The X Files. It's a structured reality show in which it's three stars Lucy, Jordan and Pip go around the World investigating unusual happenings and try to discover the truth behind the phenomena, Structured is the key word here though, scenario's are set up by the producers to make for a more interesting show and the girls, well two of the three don't honestly believe in the supernatural and as this becomes more apparent to the viewers, the shows ratings start to drop and the network threatens to pull the plug.

The show's producer James is worried but then gets a call from a man in a small Bulgarian village, apparently there is something strange going on and the man wants the girls to come and investigate, not only that, he is also offering a large sum of money. James sees this as an opportunity not only to make some easy money but to save the show.

The girls along with James and a few crew members fly out to Bulgaria but once they get there things don't really go as planned.

Expect pretty girls and horror from director Dan BrownlieSerial Kaller, Three's A Shroud, Self Induced Nightmares.

Tim "Ripper " Owens... The Man! The Myth! (November 2014)

In the early 2000's I got into the band Judas Priest and picked up JP Live in London dvd from ebay! I also obtained the Demolition (2001) cd and Jugulator (1997) album from on line after such heavy metal viewing. I must say that Tim "Ripper" Owens is the man! The guy has faced so much from critics for trying to fill Rob Halford's metal boots on two albums. Afterwards, Ripper moved on to Iced Earth and made a blinder of a concept album about Gettysburg/9/11/America in 2003 on "The Glorious Burden"

After that and leaving Iced Earth, Tim seemed on track with a new band of his own called Beyond Fear - in which I saw them Live with Anthrax in 2006. I lose track of the guy's projects and cover bands, but he keeps going strong and entertains many metal fans in the likes of Dio Disciples. The guy has a great vocal range, if not flawed slightly compared to his Idol peers in which he steps up to! Tim is all right in my eyes...

Previously, Owens was in a metal cover-band called "British Steel" where he would do the old JP songs and was noticed by the band to take him on in the mid to late 90's! This inspired Hollywood to loosely base the film Rock Star (2001) on his career up to that point in Priest. He also fronted a grunge band named "Seattle" in his early career as a singer. You should also check out: Charred Walls of the Damned and Tim's website.

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Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts (A Retro Game Classic) (November 2014)

Super GnG on the Snes System - 1991.
When I love a video game... I love it! Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts is a classic! It's got fantasy horror, zombies, monsters and of course ghouls and ghosts! In the summer of 2008, I played and completed the emulator version after constant re-runs on Youtube. You play as Knight Arthur on his quest to save the princess from the devil himself. It's a tough game... get hit once and your in your underwear. Get hit again and it's lights out! It's the follow up to Capcom's Ghosts N Goblins from 1985 and Ghouls N Ghosts was also a classic arcade game made to eat the quarters and money! Luckily, the Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts sequel, there are more magical weapons to pick up in the ghost worlds of frustration! In SGnG, you can double jump in which you after to master if your going to survive this quest! However, be warned - in each game, you have to complete the game twice by picking up a magic weapon hidden in the chests if your ever going to make it to Lucifer himself! SGnG came out on the Snes in 1991.

I also play the Gameboy Advance version from time-to-time which features new worlds and perils. It's just as hard/tough and one could be there hours figuring out pitfalls and traps before even making it to an end of level boss! Your armor is vital in surviving, so make sure your power-up to the Gold outfit which makes weapons that bit more stronger in killing enemies and demons. Collect bags of money for extra continues and work out the pattern of enemies if you want to survive this evil world of the dead!

A straight arcade port came out on the Sega Megadrive simply called Ghouls N Ghosts. It's just as tough and is a faithful conversion with great music and sound effects. No double-jump, but plenty of action and twisted worlds and bosses to conquer! Again, this game must be completed twice to complete.

For more info, please visit: GnG Series Online.

Ghouls N Ghosts - Artwork!

Bret Hart vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin @ Wrestlemania 13 (A Retro Look-Back) (November 2014)

A "bloody" good Match! = Bret Hart vs Austin at WM13

Blood, sweat and hate! Bret Hart vs Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13 is a favorite of mine from in the day! Their infamous feud started around later 1996 and they had a previous match at Survivor Series 1996 in another classic match! Hart had won the match, but the battle continued at the Royal Rumble (1997) in which Austin cheated to win! After injustice after injustice to re-capture the Championship belt (having lost it to flamboyant Shawn Michaels at WMXII) Hart and Austin met at WM13. This match was to be an "I QUIT" match in which there was NODQ and special referee Ken Shamrock (from Ultimate Fighting) was employed to keep track of the action!

This match didn't disappoint and there was plenty of Wrestling/Fan interaction drama! Hart went in as the face, but Austin was getting the cheers!

The stage was set, Austin entered the ring through broken glass where Hart didn't even get time to finish his pre-match Interview! Immediately, Austin when for Hart. At one point, Bret hit Austin with a ring bell and submission maneuvers were dealt out by both now-Legends of the Ring. Shamrock was fair down the middle as his experience was more than a mere WWE referee. In the end Austin was busted open at the hands of Hart and the Sharpshooter was employed on Steve! After being the Bret's finishing move for several minutes and bleeding badly, Shamrock stopped the match! Austin had passed out, but was still in the move! After getting his hand raised by the special enforcer referee Hart turned heel and attacked a bloody Austin while he was down - hence fans booing and reacting with finger gestures (so did Hart). It was up to Shamrock to take down Bret in his low attack on Austin, turning Bret the Heel once and for all in his last year in the company - despite winning! Austin would go on to be a fan favorite, whilst Bret reunited with the Hart Foundation that summer! It was at Summer Slam when Hart captured the belt for the fifth time (from The Undertaker) in WWE before leaving at Survivor Series (1997).

Ironically through it all... the two WWE Legends (Bret/Austin) are best of friends and are two Icons to this day!

Other Wrestlemania matches you should also check out: Bret Hart vs Owen Hart at WMX & Hart vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at WMVIII.

Austin in the Sharpshooter - Ken Shamrock (far left)

Austin never gave up!!

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Evil Toons (1992)... Beyond Good, Beyond Bad!! (Dvd Review) (November 2014)

Evil Toons - Rare Region 0 Dvd!!
Growing up I caught Evil Toons (1992) on then-cable TV in the mid-90's. It promised that it was Roger Rabbit meets The Evil Dead! It at least promises loads of over-the-top acting and lovely model Scream Queens. It stars the late David Carradine, Arte Johnson, Dick Miller, Monique Gabrielle, Suzanne Ager, Madison Stone and Michelle Bauer as Mrs Burt. Burt (Miller) has a cleaning company and hires four women to clean an isolated house. They find an old book, a dagger and a soul shred and when one of them, Megan, reads an incantation, she unleashes an evil beast in our world. - IMDB. The cartoon beast is a horny demon that likes to have it's way with the young ladies until one is left to try and stop the evil!

The Scream Queens are nice to look at... the concept isn't brilliantly executed. The cartoon monster is hardly seen and the veterans like Carradine, Johnson and Miller are there just for show! Well, what do you expect? It is a Fred Olen Ray production! It must have been a fun time on set and a film like this will always be cult status! It's nice to pick up the rare dvd at a bargain price and the features are worth a look, too (SEE BELOW).

The back of the dvd plus features!
Did I like this film? Did I hate it? It's cheesy fun, a bit sexual, but it is a 90's comedy sleaze-fest of a B-Movie. It is low budget and the animation is a bit crude and this is far from The Simpsons or Roger Rabbit or even Evil Dead! If your really into films like this, then I suggest you also check out Terror Toons (2002).

Madison Stone in "Evil Toons" (1992)

Kookie Katana - Actress/Model (Interview) (November 2014)

Kookie Katana - Actress/Model!
Kookie Katana is very cool in my eyes! I first found out that she had worked with the lovely Dani Thompson and is a keen cosplay fan playing the likes of Lara Croft in still images (modelling). Her roles in film include ZWOS 2 (2015) (in which she also was a weapons assistant on the same film) and Self Induced Nightmares (2013) with young horror fan and film maker, Antoni McVay also from Newcastle upon Tyne.

What are your favorite kind of photo shoots?
"My favorite kind of photo shoot might actually surprise you, as I do a lot of lingerie, glamour and work that requires most of my body and tattoo’s to be on show but my favorite type of shoot is actually high fashion and couture work. That has always been the reason why I fell in love with modelling and I would love to do more of it."

How did you get into acting?
"I have always wanted to be an actress and make it to the big screen so when I saw a casting come up for zombie extra’s on ‘Zombie Women of Satan 2’ which was filming in the north east I applied and actually ended up getting a main cast role and things have just gone from there."

Is there anybody that you would like to work with in film?
"I so badly want to work with John Malkovich he makes one hell of a convincing psychopath haha also Milla Jovovich is absolutely amazing and a big inspiration to me. And of course Kate Beckinsale because I have a serious girl crush on her."

What are your favorite movies, genre, titles?
"Ahhh favorite movies there’s so many to chose from I would say with genre’s I prefer action and fantasy but of course I love my horror movies too. I would say some of my favorites are the Resident Evil’sTerminator 1 and 2, Jonah Hex, Van Helsing, the Underworld’s, the Blade Trilogy, all the Lethal Weapon’s and pretty much anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren in it."

ZWOS 2 - Due out 2015.

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Eileen Daly, The Courtesans (1998 - 2014), Name Changes... "Beyond X-Factor, Beyond the Norm!!" (Interview) (November 2014)

The Courtesans: Eileen Daly (left) w/boyfriend Ben (Right)!
Miss Eileen Daly has been on the scene for over 20 years in indie film, television and horror. It was in 2014 when Daly and her boyfriend Ben took to the X-Factor as musical duo The Courtesans. They managed to get through to boot-camp, impressing the judges, but left shortly. However, this didn't stop the quirky pop/rock outfit from pursuing their talents and music on line. With songs like "Doll", "Garden of Love", "Webcam Girl" and "Haven" - they have turned up on Youtube - HERE. Miss Daly is also known for the film Razor Blade Smile (1998) - a dark cult British vampire indie flick from Redemption! Please check out The Courtesans Official website and the Official Facebook page.

Where did the Courtesans start?
"Well it started a long time ago now, I wanted a band, I was modeling at the time for Agent provocateur, and things couldn't get any better in my life. I had a film company called Redemption films making and distributing horror films all over the world, and I was trying to make a name for myself as a serious actress.. (not sure that side worked)."

"I had demos of some of the songs I had written and started looking in Melody Maker,a magazine that used to be just for bands and music..I answered an ad to join a band as lead singer..this was back in 1997.. I started to mold the band into a glam band and I named it The Courtesans(the boys loved it! At that time RBS had just been released to the cinemas, and Manga was getting me to do a lot of interviews in magazines and tv shows to advertise the film.. there was a tv show at the time called Night Life which went out at 6 oclock on a Friday night, and they asked me if it would be cool to film my new band The Courtesans!! We were over the moon about and said yes.. so the Courtesans First TV appearance was in 1998!! We were awful ahahahaha- you can still see the performance on the courtesans youtube channel.. I keep it up there as I think its part of The Courtesans life and everyone has to start somewhere..everything about the band was wrong hahahaha... but looking back at the video it was sweet and untouched, innocent.. Sadly after a few months we stopped..." I was sad at the time..and it had given me a taste of something better.. "

ED in "Razor Blade Smile" (1998)
"So I launched myself as Jezebel..made the music darker, and wrote about evil queens, serial killers and dark demons..Ralph who was my producer at the time and become a very good friend over the years.At this very moment he is scoring all the feature films I have just made..4 in total so far, but that's a different story... I love Jezebel, BUT and there was a BIG BUT!" "I wanted a band, being Solo is OK, but it wasn't for me, and had Jezebel for about 3 years maybe more and then I got bored with it, not being able to rock out.. plus I had made the mistake by making it just one thing- Goth pop..and I didn't think I could move from that without starting afresh... I fancied something different, hard rock Glam Rock everything.. Please don't get me wrong I LOVED JEZEBEL..I just fancied a change.. Still working as an actress which was taking off and modeling Fashion/ adverts/ long gone were the days when I was 16 years old getting my tits out..I had started to grow up.." "I wasn't with Nigel at Redemption anymore as we both had moved on..He is still a big part of my life and it is mine and his company still as we started it together back in 1992, and it’s still one of the biggest alternative horror distribution labels in England.." "Redemption is about to launch an online horror TV Channel with all the films we own.. and music from bands we love and bands we don’t love, but you might.. a bit of everything but that's another story..hahahaha!"

Jezebel on Euro Trash - Emily Booth (Right)
"Well, back to the question you asked me! I had seen this bloke walking around for sometime now with a guitar on his back, the year is 2004. He seemed to live nearby,and be different from the normal Chelsea set.. and he was handsome and cool. I wanted to get to know him and find out his story.. more to the fact..I wanted him in my new band The Courtesans - a Gypsy Glam Rock and Roll band.. so I set out to write and demo some Glam tunes I think I demo’d 4..One turning out to be Webcam Girl our first Single." "I was in a coffee shop one morning and he walked in..we started talking and I asked if he would be interested in hearing my stuff..." "In the next few months The Courtesans (the Gipsy Glam Rock and Roll band) was started .The Year 2005... I love my new little band.." "A year later Ben I were dating.He was the man I fell in love with and our love child was our band.. We were small..we didn't those days use the internet as we didn't know how! I couldn't even do ebay back then.. hahahaha. I look back now...I think how far, we have come on.. 2005 we had a Myspace page and I think that was it..we have still got our old Myspace fans still..the people who were following us then are following us sweet.." So back to the Q&A "About the years of our rock and roll time together as the Courtesans band... we must have gone through 10 drummers in 6 years 4 bass players..hahahahah all as people we loved, but people's lives change all the time….and Ben and I were changing musically.. playing the music was great.. doing gigs, hanging out, meeting other bands..they were good times we had..2005-2010 but in 2010 our bass player left us to go back to Italy..we couldn't find a good drummer who fitted the songs and us so when our good friend went home back to Italy, Ben and I decided to form a duo and it felt right, as I love change and growing and most of all I love my Bo.." "We found it so much easier just us two.." "Ben is studio trained, and we bought a studio together.. got a website set up and moved into a different phase I would say the music is pop with a dark twist to it, which I love as being an horror actress I am still close to my roots.." "I also went to film school which I did help the band with the pop videos and also the feature films I make. We score them with The courtesans music, that was the whole idea.. it was a long term plan.. Then we found out that there was another band that had started to use our name for their band..they
ED on X-Factor (2014)
started 2011..and to cut a long and boring story.. they registered the Trademark name 10 days before we did...that was august 2013, and we fought it for a year and a half...we lost on the grounds we couldn't show receipts and invoices of our trading. I’m sure not many independent bands can do that... I’m not going to bore people with this as it’s another story....But things got really nasty behind the scenes and we had to get the police involved. Lets just say we were shocked things had gone that far! Nasty….. all I can say is you cannot rewrite history however hard you try.. and they will be stuck with the history of the real Courtesans for evermore ,and when the truth does come out.. I am sure people will see through the whole unjust thing..." "In the end they may have won the battle, but they didn't win the war.. as you can not fight the truth..2014 The Courtesans for Ben and Eileen died and the Courteans' name for us became sullied..." "Does it matter to us? not in the long term as we love to grow and all it is, is but a name. It’s the music that counts.. as people Ben and I move on to a new time in our lives, meeting new people and making new music..leaving behind all our history and adding new history to our life story.. It is an ill fitting wind that we leave behind..a name trying to be built up by them which will always carry a bad taste in some people mouths, those who know the whole story…" What will next year bring to The Courtesans? "Next is our Christmas Song and video “My lover’s call” which is being released 1st Dec...and that's it for 2014" What About your Horror Films? "Well, we have so much going on for next year, we are going to release 3 feature films..that we shot this year, and have 4 movies to still to shoot... Mr Crispin “Mad Man” Shot Hollywood betrayed “Ghost” Shot First Bite “Vampire” Shot Witches Can be Bitches “Witches” 10 Jan start shooting Voodoo Doll “Vampire” To be Shot She A Bitch “Werewolf” To Be Shot Demon App “Demon” To Be Shot "So next year is a big year- we have 4 films to shoot.. plus bringing out our new music tracks with videos to go with them… We are so excited about the new year, as all we set out to do all those years ago was just simply to entertain people, nothing more and nothing less………"

Friday, 14 November 2014

RIP Anna Nakagawa (November 2014)

Even Godzilla mourns the loss of Anna Nakagawa - RIP.

Last month the Godzilla community was in mourning after hearing about the loss of Anna Nakagawa aka Emmy in Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991). She was a fan favourite and fans had learned that she had passed away from endometrial cancer. Below is a tribute I put together in the memory of Anna...

Ghost Shark (TV Movie - 2013) (DVD Review) (November 2014)

Ghost Shark - UK DVD - Don't. Get. Wet.

When teenager Christy Bruce disappears from a high school beach party, her severed arm is washed ashore a day later. When a drunken sea captain starts boasting he has killed the great white responsible for the murder, he soon becomes a hero to the small sea side community. However, it soon becomes clear that the Christy Bruce murder was NO normal shark attack but in-fact the work of a supernatural killer beast who has returned from the dead to exact vengeance on all human kind...

As far as Sy Fy Channel original movies go, I enjoyed this one! The tag line "Don't. Get. Wet!" was hilarious. The Ghost Shark is a super natural being that attacks through it's victims getting wet! Easy? Stay out of the sea? No! Don't drink coffee, don't even turn on the hose or sprinklers in the streets. The Ghost Shark will get you!

Yes, it is silly and goofy, but Youtube fans will get to see movie and dvd collector Shawn C Phillips aka Coolduder in some over the top scenes. There's something I like about water horror movies and this film falls into that category despite it's cheap cgi effects. The film/TV movie didn't score very high on IMDb, but give it a chance one night if you want a filler kind of movie to sink your JAWS into...

Directed by Griff Furst.

Come into the Light Films! Indie Derby Film Company (November 2014)

Light Films, Ltd. Logo - based in Derby.

I enjoy plugging local film companies and Light Films, Ltd. is only in Derby. Real life married couple Tom Wadlow and Chrissa Wadlow are huge film and video production fans. Tom directed a number of shorts before doing his zombie feature Wasteland a few years ago. In describing the company: "We are professional filmmakers, experienced in capturing opportunities on film. Our lead director studied and spent his early career at Universal Studios in LA, and so we are confident we can meet ALL of our clients' film and video needs. Our expertise stretches from corporate web-videos and training videos, right through to events and wedding videography." The future looks bright as more features are in production such as the Rat Catcher Trilogy starring Mem Ferda and Scott. I got to be in Wasteland myself as a zombie and it was a pleasant experience and you've seen me blog in the past and touch wood it will have a release date soon! Please, see my REVIEW.

I admire Tom and Chrissa for their passion in social/video media work and their busy family life for what they do. Thanks for having myself, Ian "Jaymz" Matthews and Guntis Bazma along and for letting us meet other filmers and the Wasteland cast.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Light Films, Ltd. - please see, HERE. Tel: (01332)  691674. Social MediaFacebook or Twitter.0133  2 69167401332 691674

Wife, Producer and Mother: Chrissa Wadlow.

Coming Soon... Rat Catcher!!

Director Tom Wadlow on Wasteland (2013)

Arrow Films & Dvd... RULES!! (November 2014)

Some of my Arrow Film DVD Titles!!
It's about time that a company like Arrow Films came along! Those long lost horror and cult classics have made their way back onto the market and fans are lapping them up like flesh-hungry zombies! The titles Arrow release come on Blu-Ray and DVD with nice re-mastered transfers in forgotten titles and previously ropy cut copies. However, you must hurry as some of their steel-books are LIMITED and the dvd copied come with cardboard slip-sleeves and packed full of features... rare ones, too! The prices are not bad, either as some titles go for only £5 in retail stores like FOPP. Who can forget titles like Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979), The Deadly Spawn (1983), City of the Living Dead (1980) and George A Romero's DEAD Trilogy? They release classics old and retro! And not just Horror, with titles like The Burbs (1989) and With Nail & I (1987)... this is a company to be re-conned with! Did I mention? Their titles are Region Free?

I urge you all to follow them on Facebook, HERE.

Zombi 2 - aka Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Toxic Avenger (1984) Returns... to BLU RAY! (Blu-Ray review) (November 2014)

Toxie Returns... to Green, erm Blu-Ray!
Troma Entertainment have always be brash, funny and very tongue-in-cheek! The Toxic Avenger (1984) is NO EXCEPTION! 88 Films has remastered the toxic-waste classic onto blu-ray and dvd for 2014. 

Tromaville is a vile and dangerous place where crime is up and rising. Our hero, poor little Melvin is a good-hearted mop-boy at the local gym. Unfortunate for him, the meat-heads don't like him and tease and try to humiliate the poor boy until one day, poor little Melvin lands in a barrel of toxic waste in the polluted city! Don't worry guys, this is only Melvin's beginning as the Toxic Avenger as he transforms into a crime-fighting monster hero, hell-bent on cleaning up the city once and for all! 

Director Lloyd Kaufman has a sense of humour. The film is fast-paced, violent, funny and disgusting all at once! Toxie was followed by sequels and a spin-off children's cartoon series in the later 80's. Kaufman would go on to direct other Troma classics like Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986) and here's a fun fact, the man even played a drunk in the film Rocky (1976). Horror fans should definitely check this film series out and get it in their collection!

It looks great and it's Region free!! Look out for the sequels too, coming out on Blu-Ray very soon!

Special Features:

· All Region Codes

· Audio Commentary with co-director Lloyd Kaufman

· Alternate Japanese Cut. (92 Mins- Standard Definition)

· Introduction to Japanese Cut

· 15th Anniversary Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman

· 30th Anniversary Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman

· The Radiation March

· Intro from Toxic Crusaders cartoon

· Toxie - 15 Years Later

· Tromaville Café - The Death of Toxie

· Troma Studio Building Tour

· Mopboy Secrets with commentary by Mark Torgl

· Why is Lloyd Kaufman living in a refrigerator box?

· Public Service Announcement

· Aroma Du Troma

· Toxic Slide Show

· Theatrical Trailer

· Bonus trailers: Bloodsucking Freaks, The Toxic Avenger 2, The Toxic Avenger 3, Citizen Toxie

· Reversible Sleeve

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...