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Angela Holmes... Werewolves & Hair Changes! (Interview) (December 2014)

She's like a chameleon, she's actress Angela HolmesAngela grew up performing in drama group productions and dance shows then aged 16 started delivering papers around the stages at Shepperton Film Studios. After going on the gigantic & incredible sets, playing Frankenstein pinball machines with Kenneth Branagh and watching closely those performing on screen it wasn't long before Angela had caught the screen acting bug - Imdb. Holmes is also a dancer and in 2013, she landed a number of leading roles in short indie films and a web tv series No Place Like Holmes. She's even appeared on QVC tv programming as a model. Since then, she has landed herself a few roles with horror director Dan Brownlie. Her roles include the upcoming: Cute Little Buggers, Bad Moon & Girl Force.

Can you tell me a bit about your role in Bad Moon Rising?
"Of course, Hi! :-) Pip is a very spiritual being who is in touch closely with her subconscious and 'senses' and 'feels' things. Some may see her as having too much of an open mind yet when she opens her mind to things more things confirmed for her (if you see what I mean) so perhaps you should be asking others why they can't or don't want to see it.... She's a pretty complex person who sense's things in life has incredibly strong instincts and the important thing is this is what she 'feels' not what she 'see's' and this makes her extremely perceptive. She takes herself seriously but is pretty smart and on the ball so her reasoning for being serious backs this up. She believes in things others would scoff and this shows true strength of character. Even though others don't believe something she's really not afraid to go against the grain, go against the majority and believe in something others don't 'just to fit in', this makes her perhaps a bit odd or more of an outcast. Some may think she's disillusion but actually maybe this make her better equipped for situations when they do arise... as Pip has already prepared for it!. She's what some could see as a pretty boring 'by the book' character who takes herself and situations too seriously but also the first you would go to for support, belief and understanding when unusual things do happen. She's not bothered about fitting in and perhaps this makes her a little less popular however it's through standing alone that new things are discovered and she grows! The question is will you be discovering them with her????"

How did you meet film-maker Dan Brownlie?
"I was introduced to the incredible Dan Brownlie through my good friend the very driven and talented Dani Thompson. The first time I met Dan I observed how abstract minded he is and how driven by his creative desires, the type you would fire but still watch him go on to create great things! ha ha ha.... Passionate about his horror and gore... quite frankly I could barely look at his full collection of DVDs due to their covers alone. I think he's an individual who has an eye for opportunity and a craving for the absurd and this alone would fascinate anyone who admires creativity, he's one to watch, I can't wait to work with them all more on bringing this to life in a multitude of colour with a media hunger!!"

Did you enjoy spending time with actor Kenneth Branagh growing up?
"Ha ha, yes I did though I couldn't say I learn't much from him apart from how to thrash a pinball machine! At the time I had no idea who he was I just enjoyed playing his Frankenstein Pinball machine when he let me, running screaming from his scary dogs and stealing tampons from his toilet.......... long story... another day... hopefully I will meet him again and can fully explain my confession...."

Any plans to direct a film/horror yourself?
"That's a big question... I 100% have plans and actions to direct two movies in the future...1 is a nitty gritty real life drama with 'Hollywood Gloss' in the filming and quality but not in acting or story-line. I want to achieve the independent look and feel combined with the professional filming standard of a Hollywood movie and if you ask me if this will take from the look and feel of the film I would say absolutely not it will just magnify and emphasis the beauty tangle of emotions being explored in front of the lens. A tough thing to achieve but I'm gonna do it. The other will very much be a chick flick in all it's glory with comedic moments thrown into the mix and a film many teens and even adults and grandparents can relate too... a film with light breezy moments, absurdly and unbelievably happy moments and heart wrenching moments of disappointment and broken dreams..... think 'The Notebook' but with more twists and turns and no kiss in the bloody rain which tends to creep it's way into every Nicholas Sparks film (I am a massive fan of his) ... and no the ending hasn't been written yet and I definitely will not be giving that away! As far as horror is concerned.. I love being in horrors because I get to explore the dramatic actress in me and extreme's not everyday you get to die or near it.... but as far as watching styles go the films I enjoy most are those that I take something from which can aid me in a positive way in life, a film that makes a positive impact is important to me, though that's not to say I don't appreciate the pleasure some take from a good old dirty horror or thriller..... not in the kinky sense.... though each to their own.... my Grandad does watch Eurotrash, it keeps him happy and alive! ;-)"

What advice would you give to younger models and actors/actresses wanting to get into tv/film work?
"Wow, firstly no one will fully ever appreciate the choice you have made persuing your acting etc and if they do they may be pushy and perhaps it's not your choice but what they want you to do (The industry is such a mix of these), you will get very little support from those around you but it's the support within yourself that keeps you going and it's that strength and inner support that is that crucial in a industry that's so competitive, build your inside up and only when you have a belly full of concrete belief are you ready to pursue it... your never too far from the next punch in the stomach (ouch). Instead of encouraging one another and taking delight from what others achieve only too many people focus instead on pulling down those around them...or at least attempting too ha ha ha. Remember though you would never win a race if you ran it looking at the person next to you. Develop that intense focus on the finishing line, or the next finishing line or the one after that and let anyone run by you, ahead of you or behind you or into you lol without letting you focus slip. No one else can affect your journey only yourself and your outlook, it's the only thing in life we can control."

You seem a versatile stylist? Do you have a favorite look to go for?
"Ha ha, the world isn't a static place. If you look at a human under a seriously cool microcope which would probably cost that of the wages in a Hollywood movie lol you will see that humans are made up of moving atoms, we are not still, static - we were never meant to be, we create what's around us, we create what's inside of us and we choose to move this from place to place..or not. When it comes to my appearance I love to change it on a regular basis it's just your shell, not permanently but temporarily... each look is a different aspect of my personality being explored and my film roles for me are very much like this. Through doing them you find another aspect of yourself you can appreciate but also learn from make the mistakes it would make and you make the right moves it would make and it's this 'learning' you take from each role.....with my roles it is important to me each of them taps into at least a small percentage of myself, If I can't feel that percentage it's not the role for me.... but every human is made up of a lot of different percentages and it's exploring as many of them as possible that you want to that makes us versatile as people and actors."

"Look out for me in 2015 as Pip in 'Bad Moon Rising', Angel in 'Girl Force' and hopefully many others, keep up to date via twitter: @msangelaholmes if you like public breakdowns and realness and if you like professional 'Hollywood Gloss'."

NOTE: Bad Moon is now being directed by Alasdair MacKay and producer by being Thompson.

Online Promo for Bad Moon by Dan Brownlie.

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