Thursday, 13 November 2014

Arggghhh... Zombeavers! (Dvd Review) (November 2014)

Zombeavers - UK Dvd.
They're wet... they are furry... they have teeth... they are ZOMBEAVERS (2014). This film got it's first showing in April, 2014. It has reached beaver shores on dvd and this is a comedy horror! Toxic waste is dumped in the wilderness and is changing the wildlife into blood-thirsty zombie beings! Que the nearby cabin stayers... sexy late teens and their dopey boyfriends! And, just like the modern zombie plague myth-os, if you are scratched or even bitter by the furry critters... you too will be "Dammed" as you too become a human Zombeaver!

This film is from the Producers of American Pie. It comes across like the later sequels to the popular comedy franchise in it's low budget values of cheap cgi and hands-on special effects, not to mention the doomed cliched teenagers. There are entertaining scenes in ZB, but look out for the outakes during the end credits. It starts out well and even funny, but cliches kick in quick. I'm not hating on the movie, just expected a bit more from this tounge-in-cheek spin on the popular zombie genre that has consumed the movie business!

Special Features: None, Chapter Selection Only!

"You'll All be DAMMNED!!

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