Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bret Hart vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin @ Wrestlemania 13 (A Retro Look-Back) (November 2014)

A "bloody" good Match! = Bret Hart vs Austin at WM13

Blood, sweat and hate! Bret Hart vs Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13 is a favorite of mine from in the day! Their infamous feud started around later 1996 and they had a previous match at Survivor Series 1996 in another classic match! Hart had won the match, but the battle continued at the Royal Rumble (1997) in which Austin cheated to win! After injustice after injustice to re-capture the Championship belt (having lost it to flamboyant Shawn Michaels at WMXII) Hart and Austin met at WM13. This match was to be an "I QUIT" match in which there was NODQ and special referee Ken Shamrock (from Ultimate Fighting) was employed to keep track of the action!

This match didn't disappoint and there was plenty of Wrestling/Fan interaction drama! Hart went in as the face, but Austin was getting the cheers!

The stage was set, Austin entered the ring through broken glass where Hart didn't even get time to finish his pre-match Interview! Immediately, Austin when for Hart. At one point, Bret hit Austin with a ring bell and submission maneuvers were dealt out by both now-Legends of the Ring. Shamrock was fair down the middle as his experience was more than a mere WWE referee. In the end Austin was busted open at the hands of Hart and the Sharpshooter was employed on Steve! After being the Bret's finishing move for several minutes and bleeding badly, Shamrock stopped the match! Austin had passed out, but was still in the move! After getting his hand raised by the special enforcer referee Hart turned heel and attacked a bloody Austin while he was down - hence fans booing and reacting with finger gestures (so did Hart). It was up to Shamrock to take down Bret in his low attack on Austin, turning Bret the Heel once and for all in his last year in the company - despite winning! Austin would go on to be a fan favorite, whilst Bret reunited with the Hart Foundation that summer! It was at Summer Slam when Hart captured the belt for the fifth time (from The Undertaker) in WWE before leaving at Survivor Series (1997).

Ironically through it all... the two WWE Legends (Bret/Austin) are best of friends and are two Icons to this day!

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Austin in the Sharpshooter - Ken Shamrock (far left)

Austin never gave up!!

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