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Clownhouse (1989) - A Circus of the Mind (Review) (November 2014)

Clownhouse (1989) - OOP Region 1 dvd.

Clownhouse (1989) is an out-of-print dvd on Region 1. It was released on VHS in it's respected day and stars Sam Rockwell in his film debut. It's an independent horror/thriller which won awards at festivals and has been really seen since. Without going into too much back story about the production, the director (Victor Salva) was arrested on serious abuse/assault chargers many years later. It sometimes make Clownhouse uneasy to watch, but overall it is a well done chiller playing on the Coulrophobia. Young Casey is the one in question on his of Clowns and the circus is in town during Halloween. Rockwell, the eldest brother teases Casey on this, whilst the middle brother sticks up for the traumatized boy. Meanwhile, at the same time three escaped lunatics from the local mental asylum decide to break into the big top tent dressing room and murder a trio of circus performing clowns, stealing their costumes and make-up. The terror now begins as the nightmare is becoming true for Casey and his brothers alone at home where the Clowns come to pay a visit!

This film can be creepy and the music is great for a circus atmosphere of horror. The director went on to do films like Powder (1995) and Jeepers Creepers (2001). I have found memories of this film watching it as a young teen on Sky Television in the early 90's. It was easy to relate to having been scared of the clown doll in the film Poltergeist (1982)! It's a creepy thriller and fun-ride if the film taps into those fears of the modern world and horror. For more information on Clownhouse, please see the WIKI page.

Dvd Features: Trailer & Chapter Selection Only.

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