Friday, 14 November 2014

Come into the Light Films! Indie Derby Film Company (November 2014)

Light Films, Ltd. Logo - based in Derby.

I enjoy plugging local film companies and Light Films, Ltd. is only in Derby. Real life married couple Tom Wadlow and Chrissa Wadlow are huge film and video production fans. Tom directed a number of shorts before doing his zombie feature Wasteland a few years ago. In describing the company: "We are professional filmmakers, experienced in capturing opportunities on film. Our lead director studied and spent his early career at Universal Studios in LA, and so we are confident we can meet ALL of our clients' film and video needs. Our expertise stretches from corporate web-videos and training videos, right through to events and wedding videography." The future looks bright as more features are in production such as the Rat Catcher Trilogy starring Mem Ferda and Scott. I got to be in Wasteland myself as a zombie and it was a pleasant experience and you've seen me blog in the past and touch wood it will have a release date soon! Please, see my REVIEW.

I admire Tom and Chrissa for their passion in social/video media work and their busy family life for what they do. Thanks for having myself, Ian "Jaymz" Matthews and Guntis Bazma along and for letting us meet other filmers and the Wasteland cast.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Light Films, Ltd. - please see, HERE. Tel: (01332)  691674. Social MediaFacebook or Twitter.0133  2 69167401332 691674

Wife, Producer and Mother: Chrissa Wadlow.

Coming Soon... Rat Catcher!!

Director Tom Wadlow on Wasteland (2013)

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