Friday, 14 November 2014

Ghost Shark (TV Movie - 2013) (DVD Review) (November 2014)

Ghost Shark - UK DVD - Don't. Get. Wet.

When teenager Christy Bruce disappears from a high school beach party, her severed arm is washed ashore a day later. When a drunken sea captain starts boasting he has killed the great white responsible for the murder, he soon becomes a hero to the small sea side community. However, it soon becomes clear that the Christy Bruce murder was NO normal shark attack but in-fact the work of a supernatural killer beast who has returned from the dead to exact vengeance on all human kind...

As far as Sy Fy Channel original movies go, I enjoyed this one! The tag line "Don't. Get. Wet!" was hilarious. The Ghost Shark is a super natural being that attacks through it's victims getting wet! Easy? Stay out of the sea? No! Don't drink coffee, don't even turn on the hose or sprinklers in the streets. The Ghost Shark will get you!

Yes, it is silly and goofy, but Youtube fans will get to see movie and dvd collector Shawn C Phillips aka Coolduder in some over the top scenes. There's something I like about water horror movies and this film falls into that category despite it's cheap cgi effects. The film/TV movie didn't score very high on IMDb, but give it a chance one night if you want a filler kind of movie to sink your JAWS into...

Directed by Griff Furst.

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