Friday, 21 November 2014

I see a Bad Moon Rising... on Indiegogo! (November 2014)

Bad Moon Rising - Inspired in the wilderness by the sound of Wolves!

The concept came when actresses Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner were filming Christmas Slay (see my Interview with Steve Davis) this year in Bulgaria. The girls were staying up late and heard the sound of wolves! The next day, the girls grabbed sound-man Danny Allen (Invasion of the Not Quite Dead) to film some nearby "found-footage" style shooting in a derelict nearby school where the werewolf horror concept was born on this project after some writing!

Meet the Ladies (L-R) Dani Thompson, Angela Holmes & Jessica Ann Bonner!

Can you help Bad Moon Rising? For as little as £10, you can grab yourself an IMDB Thank You Credit in the film with a video-recorded message from the set. Movie Credits also start from £100 for serious Producers and they will also go on IMDB for your resume. Please, checkout and share the Bad Moon Rising - Indiegogo Page.

Synopsis: Scream Team is a seemingly successful TV show, pretty much Towie meets The X Files. It's a structured reality show in which it's three stars Lucy, Jordan and Pip go around the World investigating unusual happenings and try to discover the truth behind the phenomena, Structured is the key word here though, scenario's are set up by the producers to make for a more interesting show and the girls, well two of the three don't honestly believe in the supernatural and as this becomes more apparent to the viewers, the shows ratings start to drop and the network threatens to pull the plug.

The show's producer James is worried but then gets a call from a man in a small Bulgarian village, apparently there is something strange going on and the man wants the girls to come and investigate, not only that, he is also offering a large sum of money. James sees this as an opportunity not only to make some easy money but to save the show.

The girls along with James and a few crew members fly out to Bulgaria but once they get there things don't really go as planned.

Expect pretty girls and horror from director Dan BrownlieSerial Kaller, Three's A Shroud, Self Induced Nightmares.

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