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Jay Brown - Dark Vale (2015) (Interview) (November 2014)

Nottingham's Jay Brown (director) returns to direct Dark Vale (2015)
It turns out that young film-maker, Jay Brown from Mansfield, Nottingham is still in the filming game. His previous indie horror feature, A Date with Ghosts (2015) was picked up by Wild Eye Releasing in 2014 and is due for release on dvd in January - next year. Now, he stepping it up in his latest feature, Dark Vale - another supernatural feature fable which features a fair ground, a spooky ghost lady and the returning cast of Sadie Kime. It's a family affair, too as his own mother (Maggie Brown) helps on production with costume design. I sat down with Jay, to ask him a few questions about his latest haunting indie horror production. Pre-Order "A Date with Ghosts", HERE.

What is Dark Vale about?
"Dark vale is about a couple that love each other and end up being haunted by a ghost that wants what they have true love."

How far till the film is complete?
"Shooting should be finished by April 2015. I have been filming since July 2014."

What type of camera are you using this time?
"A Cannon 7D - purchased from Amazon. It just looks nice and does the job - it has a Rode boom microphone, too."

What scares you?
"Scares me? Probably losing loved ones. It's that real and straight forward."

Who are your favourite directors?
"Robert Rodriguez, John Carpenter, James Cameron and Ti West."

How do you feel about Wild Eye Releasing picking up "Ghosts"?
"Its brilliant. It was more than not just what you know who know thing? The american film industry have help me out so much and that includes some high profile people in Hollywood with top agents. I also have a mentor that has worked with some huge A-Listers."

How did you and lead actress Sadie Kime meet?
"We went to college together and did Performing Arts for two years,. She will be one to look out for in Dark Vale, very talented."

What made you first pick up the camera and start film-making?
"I started watching horror films as a teen. I think the Scream (1996) films and later the Blair Witch Project (1999) showed you could make a film on a low budget and get a  huge audience, if your ideas are good. The only way really to get good at making films is just make them. There really is no other way into the business. It is a skill you will only learn by doing. Also, drive and passion need to be presented,  just don't give up! It's a tough business."

Dark Vale - Actress Sadie Kime (Right)

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