Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kookie Katana - Actress/Model (Interview) (November 2014)

Kookie Katana - Actress/Model!
Kookie Katana is very cool in my eyes! I first found out that she had worked with the lovely Dani Thompson and is a keen cosplay fan playing the likes of Lara Croft in still images (modelling). Her roles in film include ZWOS 2 (2015) (in which she also was a weapons assistant on the same film) and Self Induced Nightmares (2013) with young horror fan and film maker, Antoni McVay also from Newcastle upon Tyne.

What are your favorite kind of photo shoots?
"My favorite kind of photo shoot might actually surprise you, as I do a lot of lingerie, glamour and work that requires most of my body and tattoo’s to be on show but my favorite type of shoot is actually high fashion and couture work. That has always been the reason why I fell in love with modelling and I would love to do more of it."

How did you get into acting?
"I have always wanted to be an actress and make it to the big screen so when I saw a casting come up for zombie extra’s on ‘Zombie Women of Satan 2’ which was filming in the north east I applied and actually ended up getting a main cast role and things have just gone from there."

Is there anybody that you would like to work with in film?
"I so badly want to work with John Malkovich he makes one hell of a convincing psychopath haha also Milla Jovovich is absolutely amazing and a big inspiration to me. And of course Kate Beckinsale because I have a serious girl crush on her."

What are your favorite movies, genre, titles?
"Ahhh favorite movies there’s so many to chose from I would say with genre’s I prefer action and fantasy but of course I love my horror movies too. I would say some of my favorites are the Resident Evil’sTerminator 1 and 2, Jonah Hex, Van Helsing, the Underworld’s, the Blade Trilogy, all the Lethal Weapon’s and pretty much anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren in it."

ZWOS 2 - Due out 2015.

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