Tuesday, 25 November 2014

LarynxXx: Nottingham Metal Band!! (A Look Back) (November 2014)

LarynxXx playing in Nottingham - 2003.

Back in 2000, I was looking to form a band on the Nottingham scene. I had met a number of music players until I had met Roy "Swampi" Beetham - a five-string bass-player. He was into bands like Fear Factory and NIN - he was into industrial metal. After some time and in late 2001, I had met a guitar player and Swampi on the scene through Doomsday Outlaw's drummer, John "Ironfoot" Willis. Later came a drummer who was willing to be the backbone to the LarynxXx machine in late 2002. The band lasted until early 2004 and they had a number of local and far out gigs including The Godless Festival (please, see below for the live show). Along the journey, a Home Video was made charting the band's adventures on the rock scene. A crowd favorite song was the track "Death Trap" in which I had written lyrics to in 2001. Rock on, Guys & Gals!! Also, check out the Soundcloud.


1) Intro - 0:00
2) D-evil's Brew - 02:10
3) Electric Funeral - 07:05
4) (Band Break) - 11:09
5) Those Who Dare - 13:05
6) Remorseless -16:23
7) Home Land - 20:20
8) Death Trap - 23:12

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