Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nikki Superchick 360 - A Blu-Ray Geek with a Heart! (November 2014)

Nikki Superchick 360 - Gamer & Blu-Ray Collector!
There's a new girl on the block via Youtube... It's Blu-Ray loving, Nikki Superchick360. She is from Edinburgh and nice to see some local talent doing well for themselves in social media! Nikki is also a gamer and is a BIG Disney fan and shops a lot at the local DVD/Blu-Ray stores for deals and mini reviews on the popular video hosting website. Below you can see her in action on her pick-ups and adventures. She's the pretty-faced geek we all love and Miss Nikki also goes to Comic Con to let her hair down - Nikki... I Salute You! Go Subscibe, today and btw she loves her superheros!

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