Thursday, 27 November 2014

Singer Carl Batten: Tattoos & Doomsday Outlaw! (Interview) (November 2014)

Carl Batten, Doomsday Outlaw Vocalist & Tattooist.
Carl Batten is the lead singer for Midlands rock/metal band Doomsday Outlaw. The band was formed in late 2012 and includes members John "Ironfoot" Willis (Drums), Gavin Mills (Guitar), Indy (Bass) and Steve (Guitar). Batten is the front-man and is also a tattooist. Check out the band's website and facebook page.

How did Doomsday Outlaw come about?
"John and Steve got things started off sometime in 2012 with Gavin, and Josh on bass. I saw their advert for a vocalist and the list of influences which got me interested. I got in touch and was meant to go for a try out. John got in touch about an advert that I had online for new members for a band I had been messing about with that had fizzled out due to some of the guys wanting to stick to covers (not a fan of covers). Willis was concerned about time, commitment so I bowed out and Al Jones got the job."

Doomsday Outlaw - (L-R) Carl, Gavin, Steve, John & Indy.

"I was kicking myself the next day! My poor girlfriend had earache moaning! I rang John a week or later but I'd missed my chance. Six months later, more or less, John got in touch to see if was still looking to join a band. A week later I was down on the farm and got on with the lads, we jammed through Devil's Tomb (which got featured in Serial Kaller) and Deadman's Hand a few times and I got the job. A week later we met up again, this time Steve suggested we jam on some of the songs they had, I put some lyrics to a couple and we were off!"

"We wrote four new songs and polished the other two and about a month later had a great first gig at The Vic Inn in Derby supporting Wraith, which got a great review from music and gig fan Jay Hawkins."

How would you describe the music of DO?

"If friends ask I will usually say Southern Rock for simplicity sake . We never set out to fit a particular genre, we all have similar taste and influences and that comes through, I think. Steve comes up with so many riffs, we usually write 1 or 2 new tracks a week! We try em out live and see what works. My vocals are kinda blues influenced, however we crank up the aggression."

Thanks you Mr Batten, and wish you and the boys the best of luck and rock on.

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