Thursday, 20 November 2014

Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts (A Retro Game Classic) (November 2014)

Super GnG on the Snes System - 1991.
When I love a video game... I love it! Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts is a classic! It's got fantasy horror, zombies, monsters and of course ghouls and ghosts! In the summer of 2008, I played and completed the emulator version after constant re-runs on Youtube. You play as Knight Arthur on his quest to save the princess from the devil himself. It's a tough game... get hit once and your in your underwear. Get hit again and it's lights out! It's the follow up to Capcom's Ghosts N Goblins from 1985 and Ghouls N Ghosts was also a classic arcade game made to eat the quarters and money! Luckily, the Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts sequel, there are more magical weapons to pick up in the ghost worlds of frustration! In SGnG, you can double jump in which you after to master if your going to survive this quest! However, be warned - in each game, you have to complete the game twice by picking up a magic weapon hidden in the chests if your ever going to make it to Lucifer himself! SGnG came out on the Snes in 1991.

I also play the Gameboy Advance version from time-to-time which features new worlds and perils. It's just as hard/tough and one could be there hours figuring out pitfalls and traps before even making it to an end of level boss! Your armor is vital in surviving, so make sure your power-up to the Gold outfit which makes weapons that bit more stronger in killing enemies and demons. Collect bags of money for extra continues and work out the pattern of enemies if you want to survive this evil world of the dead!

A straight arcade port came out on the Sega Megadrive simply called Ghouls N Ghosts. It's just as tough and is a faithful conversion with great music and sound effects. No double-jump, but plenty of action and twisted worlds and bosses to conquer! Again, this game must be completed twice to complete.

For more info, please visit: GnG Series Online.

Ghouls N Ghosts - Artwork!


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