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Eileen Daly, The Courtesans (1998 - 2014), Name Changes... "Beyond X-Factor, Beyond the Norm!!" (Interview) (November 2014)

The Courtesans: Eileen Daly (left) w/boyfriend Ben (Right)!
Miss Eileen Daly has been on the scene for over 20 years in indie film, television and horror. It was in 2014 when Daly and her boyfriend Ben took to the X-Factor as musical duo The Courtesans. They managed to get through to boot-camp, impressing the judges, but left shortly. However, this didn't stop the quirky pop/rock outfit from pursuing their talents and music on line. With songs like "Doll", "Garden of Love", "Webcam Girl" and "Haven" - they have turned up on Youtube - HERE. Miss Daly is also known for the film Razor Blade Smile (1998) - a dark cult British vampire indie flick from Redemption! Please check out The Courtesans Official website and the Official Facebook page.

Where did the Courtesans start?
"Well it started a long time ago now, I wanted a band, I was modeling at the time for Agent provocateur, and things couldn't get any better in my life. I had a film company called Redemption films making and distributing horror films all over the world, and I was trying to make a name for myself as a serious actress.. (not sure that side worked)."

"I had demos of some of the songs I had written and started looking in Melody Maker,a magazine that used to be just for bands and music..I answered an ad to join a band as lead singer..this was back in 1997.. I started to mold the band into a glam band and I named it The Courtesans(the boys loved it! At that time RBS had just been released to the cinemas, and Manga was getting me to do a lot of interviews in magazines and tv shows to advertise the film.. there was a tv show at the time called Night Life which went out at 6 oclock on a Friday night, and they asked me if it would be cool to film my new band The Courtesans!! We were over the moon about and said yes.. so the Courtesans First TV appearance was in 1998!! We were awful ahahahaha- you can still see the performance on the courtesans youtube channel.. I keep it up there as I think its part of The Courtesans life and everyone has to start somewhere..everything about the band was wrong hahahaha... but looking back at the video it was sweet and untouched, innocent.. Sadly after a few months we stopped..." I was sad at the time..and it had given me a taste of something better.. "

ED in "Razor Blade Smile" (1998)
"So I launched myself as Jezebel..made the music darker, and wrote about evil queens, serial killers and dark demons..Ralph who was my producer at the time and become a very good friend over the years.At this very moment he is scoring all the feature films I have just made..4 in total so far, but that's a different story... I love Jezebel, BUT and there was a BIG BUT!" "I wanted a band, being Solo is OK, but it wasn't for me, and had Jezebel for about 3 years maybe more and then I got bored with it, not being able to rock out.. plus I had made the mistake by making it just one thing- Goth pop..and I didn't think I could move from that without starting afresh... I fancied something different, hard rock Glam Rock everything.. Please don't get me wrong I LOVED JEZEBEL..I just fancied a change.. Still working as an actress which was taking off and modeling Fashion/ adverts/ long gone were the days when I was 16 years old getting my tits out..I had started to grow up.." "I wasn't with Nigel at Redemption anymore as we both had moved on..He is still a big part of my life and it is mine and his company still as we started it together back in 1992, and it’s still one of the biggest alternative horror distribution labels in England.." "Redemption is about to launch an online horror TV Channel with all the films we own.. and music from bands we love and bands we don’t love, but you might.. a bit of everything but that's another story..hahahaha!"

Jezebel on Euro Trash - Emily Booth (Right)
"Well, back to the question you asked me! I had seen this bloke walking around for sometime now with a guitar on his back, the year is 2004. He seemed to live nearby,and be different from the normal Chelsea set.. and he was handsome and cool. I wanted to get to know him and find out his story.. more to the fact..I wanted him in my new band The Courtesans - a Gypsy Glam Rock and Roll band.. so I set out to write and demo some Glam tunes I think I demo’d 4..One turning out to be Webcam Girl our first Single." "I was in a coffee shop one morning and he walked in..we started talking and I asked if he would be interested in hearing my stuff..." "In the next few months The Courtesans (the Gipsy Glam Rock and Roll band) was started .The Year 2005... I love my new little band.." "A year later Ben I were dating.He was the man I fell in love with and our love child was our band.. We were small..we didn't those days use the internet as we didn't know how! I couldn't even do ebay back then.. hahahaha. I look back now...I think how far, we have come on.. 2005 we had a Myspace page and I think that was it..we have still got our old Myspace fans still..the people who were following us then are following us sweet.." So back to the Q&A "About the years of our rock and roll time together as the Courtesans band... we must have gone through 10 drummers in 6 years 4 bass players..hahahahah all as people we loved, but people's lives change all the time….and Ben and I were changing musically.. playing the music was great.. doing gigs, hanging out, meeting other bands..they were good times we had..2005-2010 but in 2010 our bass player left us to go back to Italy..we couldn't find a good drummer who fitted the songs and us so when our good friend went home back to Italy, Ben and I decided to form a duo and it felt right, as I love change and growing and most of all I love my Bo.." "We found it so much easier just us two.." "Ben is studio trained, and we bought a studio together.. got a website set up and moved into a different phase I would say the music is pop with a dark twist to it, which I love as being an horror actress I am still close to my roots.." "I also went to film school which I did help the band with the pop videos and also the feature films I make. We score them with The courtesans music, that was the whole idea.. it was a long term plan.. Then we found out that there was another band that had started to use our name for their band..they
ED on X-Factor (2014)
started 2011..and to cut a long and boring story.. they registered the Trademark name 10 days before we did...that was august 2013, and we fought it for a year and a half...we lost on the grounds we couldn't show receipts and invoices of our trading. I’m sure not many independent bands can do that... I’m not going to bore people with this as it’s another story....But things got really nasty behind the scenes and we had to get the police involved. Lets just say we were shocked things had gone that far! Nasty….. all I can say is you cannot rewrite history however hard you try.. and they will be stuck with the history of the real Courtesans for evermore ,and when the truth does come out.. I am sure people will see through the whole unjust thing..." "In the end they may have won the battle, but they didn't win the war.. as you can not fight the truth..2014 The Courtesans for Ben and Eileen died and the Courteans' name for us became sullied..." "Does it matter to us? not in the long term as we love to grow and all it is, is but a name. It’s the music that counts.. as people Ben and I move on to a new time in our lives, meeting new people and making new music..leaving behind all our history and adding new history to our life story.. It is an ill fitting wind that we leave behind..a name trying to be built up by them which will always carry a bad taste in some people mouths, those who know the whole story…" What will next year bring to The Courtesans? "Next is our Christmas Song and video “My lover’s call” which is being released 1st Dec...and that's it for 2014" What About your Horror Films? "Well, we have so much going on for next year, we are going to release 3 feature films..that we shot this year, and have 4 movies to still to shoot... Mr Crispin “Mad Man” Shot Hollywood betrayed “Ghost” Shot First Bite “Vampire” Shot Witches Can be Bitches “Witches” 10 Jan start shooting Voodoo Doll “Vampire” To be Shot She A Bitch “Werewolf” To Be Shot Demon App “Demon” To Be Shot "So next year is a big year- we have 4 films to shoot.. plus bringing out our new music tracks with videos to go with them… We are so excited about the new year, as all we set out to do all those years ago was just simply to entertain people, nothing more and nothing less………"

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