Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Toxic Avenger (1984) Returns... to BLU RAY! (Blu-Ray review) (November 2014)

Toxie Returns... to Green, erm Blu-Ray!
Troma Entertainment have always be brash, funny and very tongue-in-cheek! The Toxic Avenger (1984) is NO EXCEPTION! 88 Films has remastered the toxic-waste classic onto blu-ray and dvd for 2014. 

Tromaville is a vile and dangerous place where crime is up and rising. Our hero, poor little Melvin is a good-hearted mop-boy at the local gym. Unfortunate for him, the meat-heads don't like him and tease and try to humiliate the poor boy until one day, poor little Melvin lands in a barrel of toxic waste in the polluted city! Don't worry guys, this is only Melvin's beginning as the Toxic Avenger as he transforms into a crime-fighting monster hero, hell-bent on cleaning up the city once and for all! 

Director Lloyd Kaufman has a sense of humour. The film is fast-paced, violent, funny and disgusting all at once! Toxie was followed by sequels and a spin-off children's cartoon series in the later 80's. Kaufman would go on to direct other Troma classics like Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986) and here's a fun fact, the man even played a drunk in the film Rocky (1976). Horror fans should definitely check this film series out and get it in their collection!

It looks great and it's Region free!! Look out for the sequels too, coming out on Blu-Ray very soon!

Special Features:

· All Region Codes

· Audio Commentary with co-director Lloyd Kaufman

· Alternate Japanese Cut. (92 Mins- Standard Definition)

· Introduction to Japanese Cut

· 15th Anniversary Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman

· 30th Anniversary Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman

· The Radiation March

· Intro from Toxic Crusaders cartoon

· Toxie - 15 Years Later

· Tromaville Café - The Death of Toxie

· Troma Studio Building Tour

· Mopboy Secrets with commentary by Mark Torgl

· Why is Lloyd Kaufman living in a refrigerator box?

· Public Service Announcement

· Aroma Du Troma

· Toxic Slide Show

· Theatrical Trailer

· Bonus trailers: Bloodsucking Freaks, The Toxic Avenger 2, The Toxic Avenger 3, Citizen Toxie

· Reversible Sleeve