Saturday, 1 November 2014

Yvonne Otero - Model Chameleon and all-round NICE Lady from New York! (November 2014)

Yvonne in The Brain Hunter (2014)

Miss Yvonne Otero aka Boriqua Barbee is a model and small Indy film actress from New York. We had met through facebook and through the lovely Samantha Wpg on line. Otero had told me that she had done a small indie horror feature called THE BRAIN HUNTER (2014) and has a twisted, yet fun side to her. She also models and has captured the attention of many admirers including myself through social media - she was a fetish model and has done magazines. BB loves her super heroes too and horror and hopes to one day write a book on her life and ups and downs'. Also, she has been featured as a character in GingersteinFrosty by Iron Dead Studios! You can find Yvonne on Youtube, HERE. Her Yo Shoe Bling Page can be found also, HERE.

Tell me about Brain Hunter?

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