Monday, 8 December 2014

A Christmas Story (1983) (Review) (December 2014)

"A Christmas Story" (1983) - directed by Bob Clark.

"You'll shoot your eye out!" - I love A Christmas Story (1983). All that young Ralphie wants for the festive season is a Red-Rider BB gun! He tries all the best hints over narrative from his older version through out this quirky comedy from the late Bob Clark (see Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Review). Ralphie has a younger, yet confused brother and a strict mum and dad about him using the word "Fudge"... "Except, I didn't say FUDGE!". Comedy ensues in school to for the kids and in the shape of bully Skut Farkus and an evil, crony sidekick.

Kids get their tongue's stuck to frozen poles, dad wins an erotic leg window lamp... it's all good fun for 90 minutes and will Ralphie get what he wished for after seeing a deranged, cruel Santa Claus at the mall?

I enjoyed the mother and father's acting in all of this. Some great performances and slapstick style comedy moments for all to enjoy. The soap in Ralphie's mouth for swearing is hilarious and his come-back of going blind to teach mum and dad a lesson is priceless. Bob Clark really sets the mood for a fun, festive Christmas-style movie with a difference. A brilliant, quirky classic for the family and don't forget to wear your pink bunny costume from your unknowing auntie!

A Christmas Story was also made into a stage-play for the Holidays. The Region 2 version doesn't have any special features... try the Region 1 version, which does. There was also a throw-away sequel that came to dvd, but not gonna talk about that! Just enjoy this film!! Peace on earth to all man.

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