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Emma Dark (Interview) (December 2014)

Emma Dark - Alternative model and actress from London.
The nights are drawing in, the darkness is coming. Let me introduce you to Emma Dark - Alternative model, film-maker and actress from London. She interviews and networks on the horror scene such as Fright Fest and is about to make a cameo in Dan Brownlie's Bad Moon with Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner. She also does interviews on the horror and alternative scene for her Youtube. For further details, please see her Star Now and Official website.

You were picked to have a Cameo in upcoming horror, Bad moon - How did you get involved?

"Yes, that is correct.  I interviewed Dan Brownlie (director of the upcoming film ‘The Tombs: Rise of the Damned’ and of course Bad Moon) back at this years Film4 FrightFest as part of my coverage for my web show ‘Frights and Delights’.  Through Dan I met the lovely Jessica Ann Bonner and Dani Thompson, both stars of Bad Moon and Dani also being the producer.  Dani actually asked me, only this week, so it’s a really nice surprise for me."

How long have you been modelling?
"For around six years, now. I’ve modeled both commercial and alternative.  In 2012 I won World Goth Day’s ‘Best model’. Although I still model I’m more involved and interested in presenting/interviewing and acting these days."

"This year I've covered FrightFest, interviewed some well known names on the paranormal scene and even Helen Slater from Supergirl (1984)!  I've also had the honor of judging at this years prestigious British Horror Film Festival."

"Another string to my bow is attending sci-fi conventions as a professional Selene (Underworld) lookalike, for which I did a signing alongside some key sci-fi celebs at Doncaster’s KnightCon this year.  I've also fronted an alternative synth-pop band and run an 80’s night club.  You could say I’m multi-skilled!"

Who would you like to Interview in future?
"That’s a tough one, there are lots of people and subjects I find very interesting and do have a few amazing people on the cards from both the cult film and paranormal scenes but ultimately it would have to be Grace Jones or Jessica Lange.  As awesomely strong women and top of the game in their fields it would be a real treat to interview them."

Any plans to direct?
"I’ve actually just made a 1970’s zombie fan film trailer. Co-directed and shot by me in Greece earlier in the year.  The film is mid-edit, again by me and will require full ADR once that’s complete but will be pretty accurate and hopefully entertaining once complete."

"So here’s the real biggie, I am pre-production on a glossy action horror short right now.  I can’t reveal too much but I’m producing, co-directing and starring as the lead.  I have and excellent cast and crew on-board including famous stuntman and fight co-ordinator Roy Scammell (Alien, A Clockwork Orange, Superman etc.) and founder of the St Alban’s film festival Donato Cinicolo both co-directing and assuming the role of DOP. " - Please see Seize the Night.

"One thing I've realised is I'm never at a loss for something to do.  I work hard to get excellent results in everything I do and continually keep pushing myself to grow alongside my projects.  You only live once as they say!"

Who is the ultimate horror hostess in your opinion?
"Elvira, out and out.  She’s both gorgeous, sassy, vampy, likable and iconic.  There can only be one!"

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