Monday, 1 December 2014

Happy 1st of December, Guys!! (Christmas is on the Way!) (December 2014)

In the festive mood here @ MrSheltonTV

It's December, 1st guys! Only 24 days left until Christmas Day! I hope you have been good this year and it's been a busy one. Here's to 2015 and I hope more projects and work comes in for all you movie/music and tv lot. I enjoy blogging/vlogging and doing the interviews and they shall continue... I wish you all a safe and happy one, so let's all be merry and enjoy some festive horror too and Indie films. Thank you, guys... I appreciate everything so take cares and enjoy the up-coming blogs and vlogs - subscribe: Be safe!! Be Jolly & Festive!!

Coming soon... Watchwaddle meets The Christmas/Crimson Creeper!!

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