Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Jessica Ann Bonner (Interview) (December 2014)

Jessica Ann Bonner promoting "Tombs"
Miss Jessica Ann Bonner is a horror fan. She is a model/dancer and studied acting in college and is a former Storm Babes daytime TV presenter. Jess is the girlfriend to horror director Dan Brownlie and a number of terror films are in production. Bonner is set to produce Bad Moon Rising with actress/model/girl-pal, Dani Thompson for whom the starred in Serial Kaller together. Other features to watch out for Jessica in are The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, The Undead, Invasion of the Not Quite Dead, Devil's Tower and Self-Induced Nightmares - Part 2.

How did you meet director Dan Brownlie?
"We met on set of his first horror feature - Serial Kaller I was lucky enough to play the delightfully dopey and funny Frankie along side Dani Thompson, Suzi Lorraine and Debbie Rochon."

What was it like to work on Christmas Slay? - See, HERE.
"Crazy!! That's the honest answer! Amazing, but absolutely crazy! Everything that could possibly go wrong - did. All in the first night I might add! Although it was the most fun I had ever had on a film set, I made some amazing friends, have hilarious memories and the best time ever. Acting wise was difficult, my costume is tiny! And we were filming in the ski slopes so throughout the entire film I was frozen BUT it worked it really brought out the fight in me. Which helps when fighting a lunatic Santa."

Tell me more about the films you are Producing?
"Well I'm currently working on Bad Moon Rising (see, HERE) and The Tombs: Rise of the Damned both of which I'm very fortunate to be involved with! Bad moon actually came about when me and Dani Thompson were on set in Bulgaria, we decided to go exploring and film some bits and pieces. We came across an old abandoned school, when I stupidly decided to break in and drag Dani with me! We heard a growl in the creepy basement and  both came running out, the whole thing was caught on camera and thus Bad Moon was born! "

"The Tombs is the brain child of brand B and is set in the scare attraction itself! I was fortunate enough to work on it from the early stages right up to now, we've been green lit!"

What are your Favorite horror films?
"Oh god! Too many! I LOOOOOVE Scream (1996)! My all time favourite! Halloween (1978) is also high up on my list. And American Mary (2012) - both Dani and Dan kept bugging me to watch it, and I finally got round to watching it and instantly fell In love."

You are huge Festival goer... Which do you think are the best ones?
"Yes! I'm a huge festival goer! The best one? Download Festival by far!! You pass out drunk, you wake up drunk! In the middle you jump around to amazing bands, get punched in the mosh pit and eat dodgy food prepared in a van! What's not to love!"

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