Friday, 12 December 2014

Seize the Night... A Gothic Vampire Action Short! (December 2014)

Fans of Underworld (2003) and Blade (1998) should really sink their teeth into a new Action Short co-directed and produced by Dark Morte - see, HERE for Interview. SEIZE THE NIGHT is an original British independent horror short. The film will be a high octane thrill ride influenced by the likes of Blade, Underworld, Dracula (2000), True Blood (TV Series) and Razor Blade Smile (1998). The story follows EVA (played by Emma Dark), a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth. The film opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a centre for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her life long enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.

The film is to go into production in early 2015. Please, check out the Seize the Night Indiegogo. The film also stars Carey Thring and Paul Ewen. Screenplay by Richard Humphries. The production looks really promising and slick - it will feature werewolves and vampires and dark action sequences. Please support this project and it's potential.

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