Saturday, 10 January 2015

British B-Invasion of Scream Queens (January 2015)

Actress, Jessica Messenger - New rise of UK Scream Queen?
The UK has seen it's rise of feminine beauties on the indie film scene in horror. What once was british in old Hammer Horror films before the glamorous Scream Queens of Hollywood Cinema with the likes of Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead [1985]), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween [1978]) sees the low budget UK scene here and in the USA with a new rise of lady lung-screamers! It's just really nice to look at actresses and models like Jessica Ann Bonner (Christmas Slay), Dani Thompson (Serial Kaller [2015]) and others like Jessica Messenger (Wasteland [2015]) and Melanie Denholme (One Hour To Die [2011])! Modern feminism in the indie movie scene has never looked better!

Some of these beauties like to write and producer, too (Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner) with films like the upcoming Bad Moon Rising (???) - also starring Angela Holmes.

Other talent includes Emma Dark who is co-directing and starring in dark vampire action/horror, Seize the Night! The Horror Channel's very own Emily Booth is doing a festival short called Selkie (???) about the a fairy tale mermaid with a horror twist. Another classic you should definitely check out from the 90's is Razor Blade Smile (1998) starring Eileen Daly - a film that influenced the upcoming Seize the Night! Also, look out for model/actress Kookie Katana from Newcastle upon Tyne - of Zombie Women of Satan 2 (2015) fame.

Horror seems to be a step so many walk into and Mel Denholme went from sweet model into films like Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire (2011) - which includes gore and nudity! An interesting film indeed as I know she went on to do A Killer Conversation (2015) - see, HERE - and worked behind the scenes on production, too. Another classic is Pervirella (1997) - starring miss Booth again who starred during her university days - it's a campy cult classic! She also starred in Evil Aliens (2005) and Doghouse (2009) with Danny Dyer.

L-R: Jessica Ann, Dani Thompson, Mel Denholme & Jessica Messenger - Bloody Beauties!

You know I like my Scream Queens and have interviewed a few amount including classic scream queen, Debra Lamb - see, HERE. So, watch out guys, these ladies are in control! Blood and babes is their little game! What ever happened to the girl next door?

Other mentions I should point out in the Scream Queen field, yet across the seas are Mel Heflin - see, HERE. Her roles in films have been limited, but remains a huge horror fan. I admire Devanny Pinn also as a self-proclaimed Horror Barbie with a dark edge with a great deal of horror movies underneath her sexy garter belt. These women seem to follow in the footsteps of the Soska Sisters (American Mary [2012]) from the USA, too. Another BIG horror fan and macabre photo model is Michelle Macabre - another internet model from the states. Diane Foster of The Orphan Killer (2011) has another loyal following and has the #TOKfamily behind her, too on Twitter and cyberspace.

However, sometimes the USA meets the UK in films like Axe to the Grind (2015) starring Thompson and Troma-Legend, Debbie Rochan amongst others, too. Also, the classic scream queen never seems far behind either, returning to the UK, there is Caroline Murno (Dracula A.D. 1972 [1972]) who still works at sci-fi fan conventions and in the Indie Horror industry in films such as Cute Little Buggers (2015). Please watch out for these films and ladies coming soon on to dvd and support the projects coming to a blood-splattered screen near you, soon.

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