Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On Location: Dark Vale - Behind the Scenes (January 2015)

Dark Vale (2015) is the latest low budget (in Hollywood terms) feature from film-maker Jay Brown of Mansfield, Woodhouse - Nottingham. On the 19th of January, 2015 - I was lucky enjoy to film some behind the scenes footage of the film and meet the films' cast and small crew. The film stars Sadie Kime (A Date With Ghosts [2015]) and Darren Randall as two lovers pursued by a jealous ghost from the past called "Lady Lucy" (played by Chloe Clarke). Please check out the behind the scenes photos and images - taken by Martin Farmilo - who turns up in the film telling the back ghost-story of this supernatural horror.

Filming is due to wrap in April/Spring and a distribution needs to be set for this horror feature. It was fun seeing behind the scenes of DV and meeting the cast and small crew. A lot of imagination has gone into the scenes and script writing has gone to plan since Jay started in mid 2014. I really hope this film does as well as his first feature: A Date with Ghosts (2015) - Please, order your copy from Amazon.

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